Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Trip to Ohio

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had a chance to upload our pictures from our trip. We went up to Ohio for Halloween weekend.. and of course, we had lots of fun! It was a beautiful weekend up there.. (can't believe it wasn't freezing) but actually it was record temperatures in the 70's during the day. It did get cool at night but not too bad. We got up there on Friday and went straight to the park and played. Chase is all into playing soccer.. he loves it and would run for hours! We also had to take a walk down Scarecrow Row.. it was so neat! All down the streets different families or organizations would decorate with scarecrows. Some of them were too neat.. a family of scarecrows playing Rock Band.. very creative! We went to dinner Friday night at our favorite pizza place, Dewy's. We love that place and go there every trip up! Yummy food and good family times!
On Saturday, we went to Hannah's dance recital. It was so cute and so glad we got to be there for it. But, it wasn't the dance recital I was thinking it would be. No stage, no costumes, no flowers.. She is still little and just turned 3 in August..and, the youngest in her class. But, it's something they do for the parents every few months to show what they have learned. It's in their class and they just set up chairs for everyone to sit. It was rather crowed that day since it was halloween and they just got to wear their costumes or whatever they wanted. She did really well and it was so cute watching her perform. Then, the girls went to lunch while the boys made their trip to the man store.. aka. home depot. That afternoon, we carved pumpkins, raked leaves and played. Then, it was off for some trick or treating. They were so cute in their costumes and we had the best time going with them. They have the perfect neighborhood for trick or treating too. I've never seen so many people... it was crazy! The kids got tons of candy and it was the perfect night.
On Sunday, we headed home..but it wasn't a quiet trip home. We brought Chase and Hannah home with us. I'm sure mommy and daddy were ready for some much needed alone time..with baby Carter too. It was fun having them here for the week and it always makes me sad to see them go. Oh how I wish they were closer.. maybe someday.. but for now, I'm thankful to see them every chance I can get. Jamie and I got to take them to Disney on Ice just the two of us... and we had a blast! I cherish every minute I get with them, they are growing up so fast and I love them so! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas! Much love..