Saturday, May 18, 2013

Burkleigh Ann is 23 months old..

You are a wild one.. constantly moving and jumping off everything!!
You have no fear and you are very clumsy.. you run into things or fall down at least once a day.
You got your first big goose egg on your head this month when you ran into a wall head on.  =(
Trying to get you to smile for the camera is like pulling teeth.
You are so hard to photograph.. so we just get what we get.
Since we haven't been to the dr. in forever I have no idea how much you weigh.
We'll find out next month for you 2 year appt. but I would guess around 25 lbs??
You are very tiny but tall. You can still wear a few of your 12 month clothes from last summer.
But you mostly wear 18-24 months just depending on what it is..some 12 month.
You love going to the mall and riding the train and getting icees.  Your favorite!
You love to have dance parties with momma.. we usually dance to Barney
You are saying more words but still talking mostly in your own language.  
You love ranch dressing and ketchup and dipping things in them.
You are like momma.. you love a good cup to drink out of.  lol!
YOu prefer my tervis cups with the big straws.
You are little miss momma.. you always ask for sissy when you wake up and you love to talk to her.
You are also turning into miss independent.. you love to take your shoes off and put them on.
You also like to help with your clothes taking them off and on.
Recently, you have really taken to your babies and you like to feed them.  
I've watched you sit your baby up and burp her
You also will go get her a blankie and cover  her up.. monkey see, monkey do.
YOu love to play in my makeup.
You love jewelry.
You love to wear our shoes.
YOu still love to be outside and draw, blow bubbles, go on walks, sit in your little chair and watch for daddy to come home.  
You love to open doors and hide inside them.  
You are afraid of loud trucks, vaccum cleaner, characters in costumes, some bugs, but you aren't afraid of the dark.  You will hide in a dark closet and be totally fine.  
You are still a good sleeper.. just wish you would go to bed a little earlier.  
You usually go to bed around 9ish and sleep till 9 am.
You take a 2-3 hr. nap in the afternoons.
You love to procrastinate bedtime too.. as soon as we say its bedtime you start saying, "num num" and making the sign for eat.  You are a snack girl too.. you could snack all day but not eat a full meal.
You loved flavored water too.. propel, crystal light. 
We're working on sharing.. right now everything is "no" at gymboree.
You say that word ALL. THE. TIME.
You are a mess...and you can pitch some fits like the best if you don't get what you want.
You throw yourself in the floor and you know all about time out.. =(
I'm exhausted every day but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Can't believe you are almost two!

Maggie Charles is 3 months old..

You are growing..growing..growing!
One month, two month and three months
I really see your daddy in you in your one month although every one said you looked like me.
Your two and three months pics look similar and you do look a lot like mommy.
You are a chunky monkey!
I have no idea how much you weigh but you weigh more than B did!  
Clothes: 3 months but you can still wear some of your 0-3 months but much longer.
Diapers:  size 2 mostly
Bottles: you were drinking 3-4 oz every 3 hrs. but now its mostly 4 oz. Sometimes you will eat every 2-2.5 hrs too.  I swapped your formula from Nutramigen aa to just regular nutramigen and you did great.  Now, I can buy it from the grocery and not have to special order it.
You are the sweetest thing.. you really only cry if your tired, hungry or need to burp.
If reflux didn't exist you would be a really happy baby but you are still good.
You have started sleeping through the night.  Yay!
You started at 11 weeks sleeping till around 5-6 am but last night you slept from 8pm-7am.
(since I'm late doing this post you are technically 13 weeks now)
You usually go down for the night around 8-9 and you sleep till 6 or 7am. 
You still sleep in your rock n play in our room cause you sleep SO good in it.
I might move you to your room this next month.. we'll see.
I LOVE having you right next to me!  
You are smiling, cooing, laughing, grabbing at your toys.
You love to hold on to your lovie sweet.
You sometimes will suck a paci when you are tired and ready for bed.
You are a good little napper and traveler too.
You like your bouncy seat okay but you really love your swing now!
You usually take your naps in your swing.  
You love to watch your mobile too.  
This is in sissy's bed but we got you one for you bed too!  =)
You really don't look like Burkleigh at all and I love how different ya'll are.
Here's the comparison:
Maggie on the left and Burkleigh on the right
YOu always wake up so happy and you love to watch your sissy.
I am following the moms on call schedule and you are doing really well with it. 
Your fussy time is usually in the evenings but its getting so much better.
I swear reflux is the devil.. I know you are uncomfortable at times but thankfully the medicine really helps!
YOu are not a big fan of tummy time.

You are just like your sissy.. you do not like to be swaddled.
You love your hands out and either have them up or holding on to each other.
I know you and your sissy will be the best of friends!
I am loving matching the two of you as much as I can.  
I feel like I'm playing dress up!  I always dreamed of having two little girls to match. 
We love you Maggie Charles! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mommy day to the greatest mom! I can't thank you enough for all that you have done. You are a precious gem who is always going over and beyond for our family. I have learned so much from you and I am so thankful you are my mom! My girls are lucky to have you as their Mimi and we are all blessed because of you! You make the world a better place just by being you! I count my blessings each day that you are in them! You mean the world to us and I hope you know how much you mean to all of us! Thank you for showing me how to be a mommy. We all love you very much! my two greatest blessings who call me mama!  I am truly blessed with both of you!
You make my world a happier place by being in it and I thankful for both of you every single day!
I love you to the moon and back!  Thank you for making my dreams come true.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Special Weekend

We had a fun week and weekend with our sweet friends, The Fredericks.  We tried to get in as much time together  before they leave for Dallas, TX this week.   I am just so super sad! We have become such good friends and so have our girls (who are only 3 months apart).  Becca is also pregnant again with her 2nd little girl, Bailey due in September.  Maggie and Bailey would of been the best of friends too and I hate that the girls won't get to play together or grow up together.  (insert big fat puppy dog tears)  So, Tuesday we took the girls to the zoo and THursday we met at the mall for lunch and let the girls ride the train.

Becca was that God sent friend that I prayed for when I was pregnant with Burkleigh and was staying home for that year.  I prayed that God would send me a special friend that I could relate motherhood with and someone who would be a good friend and playmate for B.  Becca was the answer.  We met on day at school on the playground when she was substitute teaching at my school.  We were both pregnant with our girls.  We just chatted on the playground that day and just made a connection.  Then, we ran into her and her husband one night out to dinner when we were still pregnant and just chatted again.  After that, we connected on facebook and after our girls were born we became the best of buds

Our girls took a kinder music class together when B was about 6 months old.  They had the best time together and that started the beginning of a friendship with our girls.  After that, we would meet up for playdates and lunch dates and shopping trips and it was so nice to have someone in the same stage of life as I was.  Someone to talk about feedings, and sleeping, and food and all those mothering things you are experiencing for the first time together.  Here's a few pics of the girls when they were little.

Now, almost 2 years later Becca and Kyle are leaving for Dallas and they probably won't ever be back.  Which makes it even harder.  =(   So, Friday night we had a couples out dinner to Five.  It was yummy!   My parents kept the girls and I hate to say it but that was our first night out since Maggie was born.  Time just flies!  Saturday afternoon I took B over to say good bye to Lily since the girls didn't see each other on Friday and they were so sweet hugging each other.  I'm glad they don't really understand what is going on.  Becca and I said our final goodbyes and I left sobbing in the car.  Goodbyes are just not easy!  Thank goodness for technology and we have said we will facetime, skype and we already heytell all the time.  (LOVE heytell) But, it won't be the same.  Knowing I won't get to see those sweet faces for awhile breaks my heart but I am so thankful that God put Becca in my life.  She is such a special friend and I know the miles apart won't keep us from being friends.  Thanks for all the wonderful memories!

Until we hug again... we love you all very much!