Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween....'s almost halloween and I am MOST excited. If you know me well, you know that I am not a big Halloween fan. I don't like all the scary stuff and I'm not big on dressing up. Growing up in my family, Halloween was just not a big deal. I remember going to the church for the fall festival and that's about it. Mom didn't really like Halloween and I can remember her saying that it was the devil's holiday! Ha! So, I guess that's where I get it from! Although, I do love staying at home and giving out candy to all the trick or treaters!
But, this year Jamie and I are getting to go to Ohio to see all the munchkins.. aka.. the nieces and nephews. I have never been up to trick or treat with them, so I am MOST excited to get to this year. Mom and Dad got to go last year, but not me. So, thankfully halloween is on a weekend and we can all go. I can't wait to see what they are gonna be.. and, yes.. I'll post the pics when we get back!

So, last Sat. night Jamie and I went to a halloween party! Our good friend's, The Watkin's always host this party and it is always a fun get together! Jamie and I have gone for the past 4 years now and we usually go as a "couple." But, this year.. I just wasn't feeling it. Jamie was tired of being "the good husband" and going along with all my ideas and this year he decided he wanted to be something scary.. and I was NOT doing that! So, he got some face paint and painted himself into a zombie.. He did a really good job too. He even had the blood capsules coming out of his mouth.. I know, gross! I couldn't decide what to be.. I really wanted to be strawberry shortcake but I couldn't find a costume for under $50. Then, I wanted to be Hannah Montana but I waited too long to figure out what to wear, so thankfully Wal Mart came in handy. I saw this cute costume and just went with it.. a strawberry diaquiri! We had a good time but missed seeing a bunch of the couples who weren't able to come this year.. I guess there's always next year.. huh? So, is anyone dressing up this year and if so, what are you gonna be? I always love to hear.... I hope you all have a safe and fun halloween weekend!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Kitchen and Bathroom Make over

Wow! It's been a while since I have posted.. between two parties at my house in one week.. whew! Fun, but exhausting and the never ending furniture dilemna.. oh my goodness it has been a few weeks to say the least! I have finally gotten my new furniture and I will be posting pics soon.. so stayed tuned. I must say my camera does not do the furniture justice... the pictures do not make the furniture look as cute as it is. But, oh well.. I guess that's part of it. I need a new camera.. one of my many wishes for my Christmas list!

But.. in the meantime, my kitchen and bathroom have had a new makeover. I've been wanting a fixed roman shade for my kitchen window. Inspired from my blogger friend, Darby at and my very talented sewing mama was gonna be my wonderful seamstress. Well.. let's just say after about 3 months, I finally have my curtains. Mom can make anything.. seriously, clothes, kids clothes, curtains, monogramming.. whatever she can do it. But, something about a roman shade freaked her out and she didn't know how to do it. I think she was making it a lot harder than it really was, but she figured it out.. which I knew she would and we now have the roman shades over all the kitchen windows. Yeah! And, they look great! Thanks mama!

And, recently, I did a little remodeling on our guest bathroom. I wanted to do something different, but didn't really know what.... until, I saw in the Southern Living at Home catalog this cute shower curtain with the mat and handtowels and thought how cute it would look in there. After my fall open house last week, I got about $140.00 in free products from SL at home, so I decided to venture out of my box and instead of buying mostly kitchen things, I would try for the bathroom. So, it was all free... even better.. huh?? So, friday when I got home from school, I was greeted with a TON of boxes on my front porch and I couldn't wait to get them open and put all the new stuff out. So, here's the pictures.. let me know what you think. and yes, I do love some red!

Does this look dirty to you?? I was a little disappointed when I opened this..
hmm.. not sure what to do?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Race for the Cure.. I did it!!

Our awesome team.. Sweet Melissa's K crew

Today, was the big race!! The race for a cure 5K run to help support breast cancer. I did this race last year for my sweet friend, Rashel who is a breast cancer survivor going on four years now! Wow..God is so good! But, this year one of my goals was to run the whole 5K. I have been "somewhat"training for the past 5 weeks, but I was still a little worried about being able to actually run the whole thing. But, I DID IT!! Yeah.. and I didn't stop one time! What a great feeling knowing that you are helping a great cause and running in honor of my sweet survivor friends, Rashel, Melissa and my precious grandmother. This year, our team was Sweet Melissa's K Crew in honor of a collegue, Melissa who was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer. She recently had a double masctomy and had to under go open heart surgery due to complications after surgery. To say that she has been put thru the ringer, would be an understandment. But, she is a walking statement and testimony as to what our gracious God can do. Not only is Melissa getting stronger and stronger each day, but she is coming back to work in just a few short weeks. Wow! We will all be so glad to have her back! I also have to brag on our awesome team. Our goal was to raise $700 for breast cancer research but we ended up raising over $1000. How awesome is that?? We all had a super fun day today..despite the rain.. and I sure did enjoy my first 5K where I actually ran! And... we didn't do to bad either.. my best bud, Shelly and I hung right in there together and we finished at 37 minutes.. Not too bad! It was a super fun day and one that I will cherish for years to come. Melissa.. I love you to death and I want you to know how proud we all are of you. You are a trooper and I am so lucky to have you as a friend. =) Shelly.. had a super fun time today! Lunch and the yummy Yogurt Mountain was awesome.. So glad we found that place! I'll be going back for sure. Can't wait to do it again.. I'm already looking forward to next year! XOXO
Me and bud, shelly.. pre race! Me and Shelly...after the race!
Look at all the people.. wow!

We made it to mile 3!!

Me and Melissa.. our survivor! We did it for you!!
Gotta love all the pink.. so fun!
Yeah for Melissa.. our survivor!!
Yeah.. we made it!! I'm proud of us!