Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weagle weagle...

Warrrrrr eagle!!!! It's time for some football and the girls were ready to cheer on our team!

Maggie's first auburn game!

We celebrated the kickoff of football season with yummy football shaped donuts! 

B is also learning the "war eagle hey" cheer and she is too cute swinging her arm around and saying some of it. IM hoping we have a better season than last year but regardless of the outcomes we will still be cheering out team on.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A month of fun..

I've been a horrible blogger lately. Wow.. time just gets away from me.  We've had a good August.. can't believe its almost over!  It's been a hot, busy and fun month.  Here's a few pics from the past few weeks as I try to catch up on life..
Sweet sisters playing one morning..
We took a family trip to the waterfall down the street.  B loved getting her toes wet and was fascinated by it.
We celebrated my birthday the night before with my mom and Nanny at Cracker Barrel.  
My birthday was a few weeks ago and it was another good one.  The big 35! Wow.. mom took the girls and I to lunch and then I got to spend the afternoon running around and getting my toes done while the girls took naps.  That night, my parents took us to dinner since Jamie was working late.  Hopefully soon, the hubs and I can celebrate.  I can't wait to use my gift certificate to the spa that Jamie gave me...I hope to make a full day out of it soon!!
The girls and I on my birthday

We have also been using essential oils on our feet and B is loving it and so is Mags.  This one is peace and calming and it helps the girls to sleep better.  There is something for all ailments and I am loving trying them all out on me too.  They really do work! Thank you to my bestie for telling me all about them.
We had a play date with our cousins, Reagan and Kendal.  B and R had fun playing kitchen and eating lunch together.  Love that our girls get to grow up together and they are not too far away from us.  
B and R are 3 months apart and Maggie and Kendal are 4 months apart.  Sweet girls!
We took a trip to the zoo last week with our friends The Sumners.  It wasn't too hot and it wasn't crowded since school is back in.  It actually started to rain on us as we were getting ready to go.  We had a fun day! Love sweet friends like these.

Burkleigh decided a few weeks ago that she wanted her toes and nails painted.  I've tried to do it before but she would have NOTHING to do with it.  So, I just waited.  She doesn't really like you to mess with her hands or feet so I was really shocked when she brought me the nail polish and said, "Like Momma's."  So sweet.. such a big girl!
We've been sporting some pontytails lately and I love them!  We've had a couple of fun pool days out back!
Mags liked it too!
We also took our first trip to the McWane Center with our friends Carson and Ella Grace and Emmalyn.  We had a fun day playing together!
I love this pic of the girls..  soo sweet!
Burkleigh starts MDO for the first time in a few weeks.  We go this week to meet the teacher.  I'm praying it all goes smoothly.. I know its going to be difficult on both of us, mainly on B but I think it will be good for us.  If you think about it, say a little prayer for us on Thursday morning.  We've gone to the school several times and played on the playground and I keep talking to her about school and how much fun she is going to have.  We're gonna go to the bookstore this week and get some "school books too and I hope it won't be as tramatic as I think it might be.  I'm just not sure she's so ready for this but when are we ever.  Being a mommy is hard!!

Maggie Charles is 6 months old..

Oh My Goodness.. How is it your half birthday already?
I'm in denial you are 6 months.  I want my last baby to stay little forever.
YOu are growing too fast and getting so big too!
You weigh 17.9 1/2 lbs.  
You are 26 1/4' tall
Your head is 16 1/2 
You are in the 75th percentile for weight and height.  35th percentile for you head.
When we went for your 6 mo. checkup last week you also had a recheck for your ear infection. 
You've had 2 already.. =( but this one was clear so I'm praying you don't get anymore.
You don't have any teeth yet but you are working on some.
You wear a size 3 diaper and you wear mostly 6 months clothes but some 9 mo. too.
You can now sit up by yourself.. you still topple over a little but you have pretty good balance.
You can finally roll over and you are are good at it.
You have started eating solids but your little belly has been having some issues so we're still trying to work it all out.  We've increased your reflux meds so hopefully that will help some too.
You've tried sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, apples and a little carrots.  You weren't crazy about the carrots.
You love your Bumbo and you love to sit up and look around.
Your favorite toy is your Sophie and our little bug rattle.  He always makes you smile.
YOu are drinking anywhere from 5-8 oz of milk. Usually the bigger bottle in the am and night and smaller bottles during the day.  YOu go about every 4 hours.
YOu sleep ok.  Not great.. you go down around 8 and usually get up once in the night.
I'm trying to sleep train you but its hard.
You are not crazy about your bed.. you liked the rock n play so much so we're working on sleeping in your bed for naps and bed.
You are a cat napper. You usually take a am nap for about an hr. and sometimes a lunch nap but usually just an afternoon nap for about 2 hours.
You think your sissy is so funny and you love to laugh at her and just watch her.
She loves to play with you too.
You are chewing on everything and everything goes in your mouth.
YOu love water and drinking out of a cup.
You love to watch Barney and you love Burkleigh's mobile in her bed.
You will just talk and talk to it.
You love your feet and grabbing your toes.
You love when I try to "get you" and you will just laugh and smile.
You are a sweet baby and you are usually always smiling.
Hopefully we can figure out your tummy issues.
one month, two months, three months and four months

 A little comparison..
Here's Burkleigh at 6 months.. she only weighed 14 lbs M is definitely our chunky baby and I love it!
I'm beginning to see some similarites in them but M looks a lot like me and my niece Hannah.