Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Last week the hubs turned the big 40.  I had all these great ideas to get him 40 small gifts and wrap each one up for him to open but it just didn't happen..maybe next year.  I love birthdays and celebrating people that you love.  Growing up, birthdays were always a big deal to our family and I hope they will be for my girls too.  Any excuse to eat some yummy cake and ice cream is always a plus too.  We had a fun day together as a family and  the weather was so nice too so we went down to the creek and had lunch and B played on the playground and had a blast at the waterfall.  Jamie didn't want to go out to eat since AU was playing so we stayed home and cooked out steaks and potatoes and had a yummy dinner.  Hopefully, we can have a night out soon to celebrate.

Daddy got a new coffee maker!

Daddy makes 40 look good!  We are thankful for you daddy and all you do for us.
We love you very much!

Halloween 2013..

We had a fun Halloween with our two little ladybugs! I'm cherishing the times I can dress them alike for costumes. So far, B likes for sissy to match her.  So, that is a good thing.  =) Jamie took the day off work so he could be home in time and B had a fun halloween party at her school that morning.  We weren't sure how the weather was going to hold off since the forecast called for rain but we got to trick or treat before the rain came down.  My SIL and BIL brought their two girls over to trick or treat with us and the girls had a blast.  Nana and Mimi came over too and our oldest niece, Haley stopped too.  B was so excited this year and she actually got it too.  It was so cute...she caught on fast and wanted to get "more candy."  

My Lil Pumpkin..

I'm so behind in the blogging world.. so I'm trying to get caught up.  This was little Maggie's first halloween and I wanted to get some pics of her cute little chubby self in a pumpkin.  She was a good sport for her crazy mama too although it wasn't easy getting  her in there.  =)  Here's a few to share! She was 8.5 months old at the time of these pics.. time flies! 

What a little joy she is to our family! I swear I could just eat her up!!