Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lunch Date and a road trip..

My mom and I took Burkleigh for a lunch date with my grandparents on Wednesday.  Nanny was glad to see B and it was good to see them for a little bit.

B finally got to wear this cute dress that my mom made.  It is one of my favorites and she looked so cute in it. 

On Thursday, mom and I decided to head out for the long trip to Ohio.  For the past few years we have gotten to come up for Halloween to see my brother, SIL and the kiddos.  This year, Jamie couldn't make the trip up so it was just gonna be mom and I and B.  So, we decided to leave late afternoon and drive to Nashville to spend the night so we didn't have to make the 8 hour trip in one day.  I'm so glad we did.  It ended up taking us about 10 hours with all the stopping we had to do and I don't know that we could have made it in one day.  Thankfully, B was really good in the car.  She fussed a little but not much and she slept pretty good in her car seat.  So thankful for that!  
She was awesome at the hotel and slept 8pm-8am!  Woo hoo!  I think she is back to her old sleeping habits and sleeping through the night again.  Fingers crossed!  
I can't wait to celebrate Halloween with all the kiddos on Monday.  
More pictures to come.. Until then...

  My sweet little pumpkin's first halloween weekend in Ohio!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rolling, Rolling...

OVER!  Burkleigh has learned how to roll over from her back to her belly... and she is really good at it.

She is a little roly poly now and especially when it comes to sleeping.  As soon as I put her in her bed she rolls right to her side.  She's been doing this for about a week now and was sleeping that way.  So sweet!  Well now, she can roll to her tummy and she will roll to her side then to her tummy and then get stuck.  She may lay there for a while and talk and hold her head up but then she gets really angry and just starts fussing.  I know she can roll back..she's done it before several times but she can't seem to do it in her bed.  I have to go in there and roll her back over.  The other night I was so tired and she kept doing that and crying so I just gave up and put her back in her nap nanny.  Have I mentioned how awesome that thing is?  In my opinion, its a must have for all new moms!  She went right back to sleep and slept like a charm... we both did!  =)

She is also sitting up like a big girl.  She loves to sit up by herself although she goes forward if we're not careful.  =)  One of her favorite things is to sit up and look around. 

**Update on her 4 mo. doctor visit:  She did great and Dr. Andy said she was looking good.  Mom and I went to lunch afterwards and came home and put B down for her nap.  She seemed okay.  About an hour into her nap, she woke up with a blood curling scream.  Scared me to death.  She wouldn't stop screaming.. she scream for over an hour and it was awful.  Nothing would calm her down.  I called the dr. before they closed and she said it was a reaction to the shot and that some babies can be extremely fussy.  I gave her some tylenol and that was awful too.  She seemed to be chocking on it.  She kept burping up stuff.  I'm sure some of it was her reflux too but it was awful.  By the time daddy got home, we were both rocking and crying.  But as soon as she saw her daddy she started laughing and smiling.  That little stinker.  I think she's gonna be a daddy's girl for sure!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Burkleigh Ann is 4 months old..

It's hard to believe 4 months have already gone by.  
I was just telling Jamie last night that this time last year is when I found I was pregnant and we were telling all the family right about now.  It's crazy to think that a year has come and gone and now I'm a mommy to a 4 mo. old.  I really wish time would slow down.  I can't believe she is growing up but I will say I am liking this stage of motherhood a lot better than the newborn.  
What's been happening this month:

*I'm not sure how much you weigh.  We go to the doctor on Wednesday, so I'll update then.  You will get more shots.. =( Not fun!  You weigh 13.2 lbs and you are 25 1/2 in long.  You are in the 50th percentile!

*You have not been the easiest baby.. thanks to colic and reflux..but I think 4 mo is beginning to be a turnaround for you.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

*You are really grabbing your toes and you have started putting them in your mouth and sucking on your toes.  It is the cutest thing.  
*You have really found your voice and you cooing, talking and laughing a lot more.  

*You have rolled over several times.  You are not that crazy about tummy time but we do it.  You love your music and will watch all the lights blinking on it.  You have great head control.. you are a strong little one

*You really like to sit inclined and look around at things.  You love your bumbo seat and will just sit in that and take it all in.  If the TV is on, you will just stare at it. 

*You love looking at yourself in the mirror and you just smile every night before bath time.

*You absolutely love your bath and we give you one every night because you love it so much!  You just splash in the water and laugh.  You still aren't crazy about getting dressed afterwards but you love the water.
*You have started making this funny grunting noise and we just laugh and laugh at you every day.  You think it's pretty funny too.

*You have started drooling a good bit this month and I'm not sure if you are beginning to teeth or what. You were pretty fussy then too.  You are putting everything in your mouth.  

*You went to Selma for the first time and you tried cereal for the first time.  

*You are sleeping in your bed at night without your nap nanny and you go down between 6 and 7 at night  and sleep till about 6:30-7:30 in the am.  I put you in your bed awake and you sooth your little self to sleep..  You wake up some around 2-3 and drink a bottle and go right back.  Not all the time.. but some.  
*You are drinking about 3-4 oz. during the day every 3 hours.  At night and in the am. you drink usually between 5 and 6 oz.  You are eating about 5 times a day.

*You won't really nap in my arms or fall asleep with me holding you.  You are too observant for sleep.. ha! I have to put you down for you to sleep.  At night, you will let me rock you for a little bit but then you are ready to be put down.  Kinda makes my momma heart sad.. but I'm glad you can put yourself to sleep.

*You are wearing your 0-3 month and 3 month clothes.  You were a size 1-2 diaper and sleep in a 2 at night.  The 1-2 are getting a little tight.. I'm thinking you are ready for the 2's all the time.  I'm trying to use up the last ones.

*You really love your stroller and I've found you do really good when we get out if you are in the stroller.  You like to be moving that's for sure.  We usually go for walks every afternoon. 

*You usually take around 3 naps a day.  One in the am. for about 2 hours.  You usually take a cat nap around lunch for about 30 minutes and then you will take a good 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  When you get tired, you will talk yourself to sleep and suck your thumb.  Lately, you've been holding your foot and sucking your thumb.  So sweet!
*You don't cry/fuss near as much as you used to.  Thank goodness..I think I'm beginning to figure you out!  You were a tough cookie!

I can't wait to see what the next month holds... 
We love you Burkleigh Ann

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Girl..

This little one melts my heart more and more every day. This is one of my favorite pictures of her.
Seriously...I could just eat her up.  I know I'm biased but I think she is one of the cutest babies ever!  Doesn't every mom say that? =)
 I never knew it was possible to love someone so much.  She makes me smile and laugh every day and I couldn't be more thankful for her sweet self.  
We had a family day today and we all went to the Mt. Laurel Festival in town.  It was such a gorgeous day that I talked Jamie into going since one of my girlfriends got sick.  We took B and strolled around.  It was fun to get out for a bit and I think she liked it too.  
Lately, she has been REALLY good for me. I'm so thankful!  I"m hoping we've reached a little turnaround.  She hasn't been near as fussy and her belly seems to be a lot better!  I hope it won't be long and we can get off all this reflux medicine.  
She has even been napping in her bed lately.. woo hoo!!  I didn't think we were ever gonna get her out of the swing but she's not liking it near as much as she used to.  I think she's ready to stretch out in her bed.  She has  done great in her bed without her nap nanny.  And that is a big deal!!  I was so worried she wasn't ever going to sleep flat.. ha!  She has been in her bed since day 2 of coming home but she has always slept in her nap nanny.. Well.. not anymore!!  I'm happy to say that this sweet thang is in her crib and sleeping flat!!
Woo hoo!  And.. sleeping great for that matter too!!  
I just love her to pieces!!  
Thank you God for our sweet baby girl!! She makes this momma a happy girl too!
War Eagle!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll...

B and I had a lunch date with my sister in law Melissa and the newest member of our family baby Reagan.  Reagan turns a month old tomorrow and is just adorable. She slept right through lunch and didn't make one little peep.  Burkleigh was suprisingly very good. =)  I even took her to Sew Precious and we got to look at a few things and she didn't even scream.  She actually took a little cat nap while we ate (that was a first) and didn't cry one bit.  PRAISE THE LORD!!  I am hoping and praying that she keeps this up.  It made for such a pleasant outing!   I didn't even come home all frazzled like I usually do.  We had a fun time and I look forward to many more outings with Melissa and Reagan.
Mommy and B

Aunt Melissa and B
Sweet Reagan

B and her cousin

When we got home, Daddy was here for lunch so we got a few pictures and then we had a little photo shoot. Having a little girl to dress up is so much fun!  

Grabbing her  toes
Does it get any cuter than this?  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In The Mirror and Cereal..

B has found herself in the mirror and it is the funniest thing.  She loves to smile, talk, and laugh at herself.  I love it!  Everytime we hold her up to the mirror she does something funny.  It just makes me smile and laugh!
I would love to know what she is thinking.. Hmm...

And.. yesterday, I gave her some cereal for the first time and I'm thinking she liked it.  What do you think?  Several of my friends have said that cereal really helped their baby with reflux.  So, I decided what the heck.. let's give it a try. I've put it in her bottle once before too and I may do that some as well.  But, yesterday I decided to give it to her with a spoon. We go back to the doctor next week and we'll see what he says about  letting her have some food.  I can't wait to see what she does.

Of course, most of it ended up all over the bib but it was fun to watch her try to eat it!