Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to School..

Well.. the first week of kindergarten has come and gone and I survived!! Yippee!!  I was a little nervous, excited, and scared about going back to work after being at home for over a year.  But, it hasn't been bad at all.. I've missed my sweet teacher friends and I've missed seeing my former kiddos too.  It's been bittersweet.. Burkleigh is in good hands so that makes it SOO much easier to leave.  I don't know if I could have done it if it weren't for my mom, sister in law and my husband.  They all take care of B for me when I am at work.  And to be honest.. I only miss about 5 hours at the most of her awake time so that makes it easier too.  I wondered how I would feel about being a working mom vs. staying at home and for the most part, it has been a good change.  I think for both of us.  B seems to be a different child when she's not with mommy all the time and for that I am grateful.  She doesn't seem to be as fussy and she even plays and interacts with the kids at gymboree when she goes one day a week.  So... all in all we're doing good.  The hardest part for me is actually getting up, getting ready and out the door on time and the fact that teaching 19 kindergarteners wears you out and being pregnant too.  So, I've been in bed a little early these past few days but I'm hoping that will get better with time.  I miss my time with my sweet girl at home but it makes the time we do spend together even more special.  I really didn't think I would be able to handle working and being a mommy and let's just say it is hard but it is doable.  =)  I hope I'm going to be a better mommy for it and I hope B will be too.  And.. anyone that thinks stay at home mommies don't work.. don't have a clue!!  Being a stay at home mommy is much harder than being a working mommy.  And.. that's just my two cents.  I cherish the times I'm with my girl but I also love the time I'm with my teacher friends and my students.  I have a good group of babies this year and I can't wait to teach them some new thing .  Here's to a great year at school and at home..

The best group of K teachers around!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

B'day Fun and 12 weeks..

I'm a little late in posting but I had a great b'day! It's hard to believe I turned 34.. where have the years gone.  
But we had a fun weekend celebrating.  Dinner with my best friend and her husband on Saturday night, then for my bday lunch we went to Firebirds with my parents and back to our house for cake and ice cream.  That night, my bro-in-law and sis-in-law brought Zoe's to our house for dinner and we had a great time together and so did the girls.  B is lucky to have her cousin live so close by and be so close in age too.
I'm thankful for my little girl to spend special days with.  
She loves some sweet tea.. =)

And.. this past Friday I turned 12 weeks!! WOO HOO!!
I made it through the first trimester and I am finally beginning to feel a little better.
I've been wearing the sea band arm bracelets for nausea.  I never got sick but just felt like it all day. Thankfully, that was only for about 2 weeks.  I have gained about 2 pounds but I feel like I have gained about 10.  You definiltly start showing faster with baby number 2.  
Love the cute stickers that my sweet friend Shelly gave me.  I'll be updating about every 4 weeks this time instead of every week.  I just don't think I'll be able to keep up.  =)

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: 12 weeks

Size of baby: Baby H is just over 2 in long(about the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce.

Total weight gain/loss: 2 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Not yet.. but it won't be long..

Gender: we will know in 8 weeks

Movement: nothing just yet. 

Sleep: Pretty good.. just back to school nerves right now. I did get my big ole noodle pillow out the other night.. I love that thing!

Cravings:  no cravings.. just don't want to eat a lot.  I cannot cook meat or chicken.  Grosses me out to look at it.  Smells are really strong too and sometimes something sounds good and then I eat it and its not good.  =(
What I miss: Not one thing!
Symptoms: not much.. tired, but thankfully the nausea has passed and my back hurts! 

Best moment this week: Actually hearing the heartbeat for the first time at my appt.  We have had 2 ultrasounds already and have seen the heartbeat but haven't heard it yet.  That is just the best feeling in the world.. truly a miracle.  It was another high one.. around 160-170 so I'm anxious to know if its another little girl.  =)

14 months...

Burkleigh Ann is growing up.. she is 14 months old now!  Here's a few things she has been up too:
*She loves the iphone.. loves to watch videos and look at pictures.

*Loves to watch Barney.  Her 2 favorite shows are Barney and Wheel of Fortune.  How funny is that.

*Loves to eat ice.. will stick her hand in the cup to get the ice and can break it with her teeth.

*She has 10 teeth.. 4 on top, 4 on bottom and her 2 top molars.  I think she's working on the 2 bottom ones.

*Her little eyes have changed from blue to blueish/green.

*She wears most 12 month clothes but still wearing her children's place pjs size 9-12 month.  Those are our favorites!  

*Size3 diaper but 4 at night and will start 4's when all the 3's run out.  =)

*She loves to play in Oscar's food and eat it.  GROSS!!  She will run from us when we tell her no and she stuffs it in her mouth.  We have to catch her to get it out.  It grosses me out.

*Loves to feed oscar her food too.. Loves to eat yogurt, yogurt melts, fruit, rice, peas and carrots, green beans, anything sweet, french fries, grilled cheese and her favorite are cheese puffs and popsicles!

*Loves her books...can make the pig, dog, horse and tiger sounds.

*Loves her thumb and her bunny lovie!

*Love to push your stroller all around the house. She will throw things in it and just push away.

*She is really understanding a lot of what we are saying to her and she usually listens.  =)

*She loves when I sing the clean up song in the bath tub and she will put her toys in her little basket.. well, sometimes she will!  She smiles when I sing to her.

*LOVES music and to dance.  She cracks us up with her dance moves.  =)

*Loves to be outside and will cry until someone takes her.  She has found the dirt and likes to eat it too.. yuck!

*Still not a fan of adults.. she likes kids but will cry when she doesn't know the adults.  
Mom brought her up to the school to see me last week and she cried every time a new face came in the room.  boo!

*Loves to ride the train at the mall and will just wave at people.

*Takes one nap..around 1:30 or 2 usually and will sleep for 2-3 hours.

*Bedtime is usually around 8:30 or 9 and she sleeps till around 9 in the am.

You are a little mess.. you are walking and running everywhere and you love to play hide and seek from us.  
Your little personality is really coming out.. I just wish you weren't afraid of people.
We love you very much!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A first for B..

B wore shoes for the first time this weekend!!  It kinda made me sad.  I think babies should all go barefoot especially if you live in the south.  Something about bare feet and babies.. it's just the way I was raised.  So, for the past 13 1/2 months B has not worn shoes. I tried one time to put them on her but she didn't like them at all and I took them off.  But, this weekend she wore them for a little while.  It was too funny.  She wasn't so sure what in the world they were.  She held up both of her feet and started walking so funny.  We all just laughed.  It took her a little bit to get used to them and to be honest she only wore them one day then we were back to bare feet.  But, I know this winter she's going to need them and she'll learn to like them.  It's just one more sign that my baby is not a baby anymore.  Sad...

Yay! I can walk with my shoes on!

Sweet cousins and a road trip..

My sweet niece and nephew came to visit last week.  It has been FOREVER since I have seen them and I miss those sweet babies like crazy!!  Why do they have to be so far away?? I know it makes our time together special but I wish our babies could all grow up together.  Makes me sad... 
B loves her cousins and she LOVES her Chase.  He can get her to laugh and smile and she just loves to follow him around.  It melts my heart.  She loves kids.. but adults, that's another story.   She wasn't so sure about Chad or Heather.  It takes her a little while to warm up.. she's a shy little thing around adults.
We had a fun week with the kids here at home.  Tuesday it was rainy so we went to the galleria and rode the carousel.  Wednesday the kids swam and ran around with mom.  Thursday they swam some more and it was rainy so I took them to school to help me in my classroom.  They were a big help! Friday we headed to Atlanta to meet Chad, Heather and Carter for a weekend getaway and to take Hannah to the American girl store.  Fun memories!
Rainy day fun at the galleria riding the carousel

B and hannah girl taking a bubble bath

Kit and hannah in their matching outfits ready for some fun

Breakfast at the bistro.. kit and hannah

Sweet girls
Hannah, Kit and Gracie

hannah showing us all her stuff

B and I didn't get to make it to the american girl store.  I was a little bummed.  We had reservations at the bistro for breakfast at 9 and B had a rough night and was so tired.  I hated to wake her up and we were just going to meet them there when she woke up but she ended up sleeping through most of the fun.  So, we missed out.  =(  They had a blast though and I can't wait till B is older and will enjoy doing that.  So fun!
We went back later and I was a little disappointed in the size of the store.  After going to the one in NYC, this one was SO small.  I was expecting at least 2 stories.  I think the one in NYC is 3 or 4 but not this one.  It definitly gets really crowded so it was smart to go first thing in the morning.  
We had lunch at the Varsity and it was yummy.
Sweetest picture ever.. loves her chase!

Kit came too.. =)

Mom and Dad with all their babies.. can't believe there will be another one come March!  
We had a great weekend together. I love those 3 to pieces.  
Tomorrow is Hannah girls 6th birthday so Happy Birthday to my precious niece.
I wish she would stop growing up..