Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random thoughts and pictures....

*How is it possible that I am up and showered and dressed =) before my child is??  Go Me!!  This is a first and yes, she is still sleeping and its 8:05.. oh how I love sleeping through the night!!

*Yes, I still don't get showers every day.  Oh well..that's just part of it.

*I am loving the new fall show, Up All  Night.  Have you seen it?  OMG.. it's so funny and the little girl is just too cute.  One of our favorites and Revenge.  I must say I'm sad I'm not into Dancing with the Stars this time.  First time I haven't watched.. just wasn't so sure about the cast.  I am loving the new season of 19 Kids and Counting and Kendra.  Yes, I watch her! 

*I am additcted to facebook clothing auctions.  And, I'm going broke buying Burkleigh smocked outfits every night.. ha!  Well.. not really every night but at least once a week.  I need to quit but I just can't!  Smocked Auctions is a favorite.. like their fb page.  You won't be disappointed.  I have already bought 3 christmas outfits, a pumpkin dress and a turkey dress.  You just can't beat the prices.

*Yes, my mom sews but she doesn't have time to make my child all the cute dresses that I like.  So, I still have to buy them.  But, I am very lucky that she knows how to do it.  She is super talented and makes the cutest stuff.   She is teaching me how to monogram.  Not too hard.. but appliques.. that's another story!
*I am also addicted to Mickey D's Caramel Frappes.  I swear I want one every day.  And, it doesn't help that they are less than a mile down the street from me.

*I need a new wardrobe. It's been too long since I've shopped for clothes not prego that I don't even know what to wear anymore.  I did buy a new pair of jeans the other day.. I missed my Joe's and a cute pair of silver flats.  Love them!  I'm in the process of cleaning out my closet and getting ready to consign it all!  Well.. most of it anyway!

*I need to have a garage sale too.
*I had a dream last night that I was pregnant with another little girl.  Oh my!  I did say dream.. not real!!

*I really want a cute pumpkin wreath for my front door that has our name on it. A neighbor friend has one and it is too cute!  Anyone seen one?  I looked on etsy.. love that site too!

*I still can't get onto Pinterest.  For the love?   Can anyone help me out??  I've sent them like 5 emails requesting an invite and they still haven't sent me one.  It's driving me nuts that I can't get on there.  I know I will love it!

*I ordered  an Erin Condren life planner the other night. I am SO excited about it.  I have never spent that kind of money on a planner before but I just had to have it.  I think it will help me get my life in order..  ha!! We'll see.. stay tuned!
*I can't believe Christmas is in 3 months.. can you? I am NOT waiting until the last minute to get gifts this year. I refuse.  I have already started making my list and I have bought one thing already!  Any ideas on some good ideas for B?  She will be 6 months by then?  Wow.. time flies!

*Motherhood is extremely hard but So worth it.  I have a new appreciation for SAHM.  Hardest job EVER!!  Hands down!  Anyone that says its easy is lying!  I'm so thankful to be doing it but its not always peaches and cream.  Thankfully, it is getting a little easier and I am beginning to get the hang of it.  I might not can always go to dinner out with friends, or play Bunko each month but I love being a mommy and wouldn't trade it for anything!

*I don't think I tell my husband nearly enough what a good daddy he is!  I went to dinner with a girlfriend the other night and he put B to bed.  On my way home, I get a text that says she is screaming.  You on your way?  Bless him... She needed to burp and woke herself up in a tizzy.  It has only taken me 3 months to figure this child out.. =)  He tried though.. good job daddy!

*I want a massage badly.. I think I might get one next week!

*B has turned into a really good sleeper (at night especially)  She is taking 2 good naps a day and is on a pretty good schedule.  It helps to have that schedule.. for my sanity too!
*It's still hard to figure out when is a good time to leave and run errands with her.  She still seems to fuss and she will only nap in her swing.. =( We've got to work on napping in the car seat for longer than 30 min.

*I love my iphone.. how did I make it this long without it?  ha! My favorite app is the Photo 365 and I've been taking a picture a day of B.  What a great keepsake too!  I also love the transfer photo app.  You can transfer your pictures from your phone to your computer without having to plug any cords up and its really fast too! Love that! 

* I am in a bible study on Wednesday mornings at my church.  One of the local news ladies is leading it and it is all about encouragement.  She is a breast cancer survivor and she is such an inspiration to hear speak.  I am really enjoying it and B gets to spend some QT with her Mimi in the mornings.

* I am really missing my niece and nephews in Ohio.  I was really looking forward to makign the trip up for Halloween but Jamie can't get off work.  Sad!!  =(  Maybe soon!!  Miss you all!

*I love my nook and am currently reading The Glass Castle.  Anyone read it?  So far so good.

*I almost finished this post before B woke up.. she slept till 8:30 wow! And Daddy got this picture sent to him.  He gets a picture or two every day!

*I finally got some pictures printed out and put in B's baby book. I think I am almost caught up. 

*Burkleigh gets her 3 month pictures made tomorrow.  I hope she cooperates!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 years of blogging..

Two years ago this month, I first started my blog. My best friend, Shelly encouraged me to do it so I would have a great scrapbook of our life.  We went to college together and one of our favorite things to do was scrapbook our sorority memories.  We would have all night scrapbook parties and have the best time staying up all night cropping pictures, cutting paper, thinking of cute ideas for our books.  We had the best time and I cherish those books to this day!  I hate that "life" has gotten in the way and we just don't have the time to do it anymore. They were the cutest books!   But, thankfully we can make really cute books with Shutterfly.   Those are the best and will end up being Burkleigh's baby books for sure along with the blog!

A lot has happened in two years of blogging.  When I first began, Jamie and I had been married for a little over a year and had just moved in to our new home together.  I still remember that day like yesterday. School was about to start and I should have been getting my classroom together but instead we were moving.  We've come to really enjoy our little home and I'm so thankful for the memories we've already made.
Our honeymoon, July 2008

We went through a long road of infertilty and not understanding why our hopes and dreams were not coming true.  We fought through it for over a year and it was very hard and trying.  Anyone that has been through it totally can relate.  It is something you don't wish on anyone.  I think we both learned a lot about ourselves and our faith and for that time, I am forever grateful.  I know it has shaped me into the person I am today and the mom I have become.  Sometimes it takes a storm for you to see God's hand at work and even though I'm not sure why anyone has to go through trying times like that I know I am stronger because of it. 

We celebrated fun times together and went on many trips and had a great time just the two of us.  Life was great but we were still missing something to make our family complete. Then, in October 2010, we find out we are pregnant.  So many emotions were going on in my little head that morning and I couldn't believe the test was positive.  After getting confirmation from the doctor that I was in fact pregnant, it finally began to sink in that our hopes and dreams for our family were about to come true.  Our God is an awesome God!
Then, blogging began to take on a new meaning and blogging about pregnancy each week was so fun!  And, on June 15, 2011 our lives forever changed when our sweet little angel entered the world.  Although she didn't cry at first, when I finally heard that cry I was so overwhelmed with this little miracle of life that God had given to us.  She was our child and I was finally a mommy.  Wow!  It's still hard to believe.  Pregnancy is truly a miracle and a gift from God.  Burkleigh Ann has changed our lives so much in just these 3 months of her life and I am so grateful for the blog to keep up with her latest happenings, changes and to document keepsakes.   
Who knew that the blog would turn into this but I am so thankful I decided to take the plunge and do it.  It is truly turned into something that I really enjoy and I love reading so many others blogs as well. I get the best ideas from blogs and its great to be able to keep up with so many of my friends and their families.  Even when our lives change and I can't remember when things happened, I will always have the blog to look back on.  Last September I decided to print the blog into a book and I plan to do this each year.  I used this site and was really pleased with it.  So, today I will be ordering my 2nd book. 

Yeah for another year of blogging.. here's to many more!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Help..

I finally got to see The Help this weekend and it did not disappoint.  I loved it!  Although, I think I loved the book better but the movie was awesome.  I just wish it wouldn't have ended the way it did.. I'm hoping there is going to be a sequel.. maybe?  I won't give the ending away so go see it if you  haven't.  It's hard to believe that is really the way it was back then and I can't imagine being treated that way or living through all that.  It's a powerful movie and the book was oh so funny!  I loved the characters seeing them on the big screen is also so fun after reading the book and picturing in my head what they may look like.  Mae Mobley was adorable and of course, I loved Abileen and Minny.  Miss Skeeter was great too and Miss Hilly was protrayed just like I thought she would be.  I have to say I wasn't a big fan of Miss Celia's in the book but in the movie she was great and I really loved her character.  I know I'll never forget these famous words from the book. 
You is kind. You is smart. You is important.  I'm already telling sweet baby girl that and I hope she grows up knowing that too.  Words are so powerful!
Hope you all had a good weekend too.  Saturdays in the south are pretty much all about football so B and daddy got to spend some QT together while I got to get a pedicure and go to the movies.  She was a happy girl and daddy said she was good so I hope we're beginning to see a little turn around.  =) I'm hoping its the 3 month miracle that everyone has told me about.  She seems to be back to her good sleeping habits at night.  I'm a little scared to type this cause I don't want to jinx myself but she's been sleeping through the night again for the past week!  Woo hoo!!  And.. sleeping from 7pm-7am so I guess the growing spurt is over! 
I hope she keeps this up.. I sure do feel so much better when I get a good nights sleep. 

But, I wouldn't trade those middle of the night feedings for anything!  Love my sweet girl! 
Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Burkleigh got to meet her new first cousin this past weekend, Reagan Marie Haley.  She is so tiny and precious.  B looks so big compared to her.  I can't believe she was that little just 3 months ago.  Wow!  Time is flying by. I knew it would and I am soaking up every second with her and enjoying our days together.
 I know she and Reagan are going to love having each other to play with and grow up together.  They will always have each other and I am so thankful for that.  I  look forward to lots of fun family times and vacations in the future.  Thank you God for our two little blessings.  They are both our little miracle babies!

3 months apart.. =)
Little Reagan Marie

Brothers and the babes.. love it!

And for those of you out there who are still anxiously waiting on your little miracle, just never give up. Remember God's plans are greater than ours and always look to him. Both Reagan and Burkleigh are proof that miracles happen every day! Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, September 18, 2011

War Eagle...

Yes, I know we lost our first game since winning 17.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.. Win or lose, I still love my tigers.  We stayed at home yesterday to watch the game and B looked so cute in her little outfit. She loves football.. she was content to just lay on the couch and watch tv.. well.. for about 20 minutes!  =)  War Eagle anyway!

Hope all your teams won and you had a great weekend!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Burkleigh Ann is three months...

Oh my goodness.. time needs to slow down!  You are three months old!!
Here's what you are up too:
*You weigh 11 lbs and 15 1/2 oz.
*You are smiling, laughing, cooing at us all the time now.

*You are really reaching for your toys and grabbing them.  You love your play mat and will just talk to your toys and hold on tight to them.  You hold on tight to our fingers too.

*You rolled over for the first time on the floor.  I put you on your tummy on your mat and you rolled right on to your back.  You are a strong little thing.  You've done this once before on the couch too but not on the floor. You were holding your head up and just looking all around.
*You have found your toes and are beginning to grab them when you are laying down.
*You love your bath but you hate to get lotion on and get dressed.  You cry/scream almost every time.
*You have gotten a little ecezma on your legs and arms. We are lathering you up with cream.
*You were sleeping through the night and now you have gone back to your old ways.. =(  I hope this will change soon.  You are back to getting up about once into the night.  You still sleep good though!

*Mommy is trying really hard to get you on a schedule.  You are beginning to eat every 3-4 hours.  You were such a little snacker and it was hard to get you eating consistently. Mommy was worried that you weren't getting enough because sometimes you won't eat a lot during the day.  (1-2 oz)  But, Dr. Andy says you will eat when you get hungry and you are gaining weight.  You are in the 50th percentile.  You eat about 3-4 oz during the day and in the evenings will eat about every 2 hours and your last bottle will usually be 5-6 oz.  I think you're gonna be a little petite thing.
*When you get sleepy, you will rub your eyes and grab your ear.  Your little eyelids will get red too.  During the day, you fight sleep and will usually cry when I put you down.
*You have decided to be a thumb sucker..just like mommy!  You won't really take the paci anymore.  Oh well.. one less thing to keep up with!  At least you can sooth yourself!
*Clothes:  0-3 months beginning to wear 3 months things
*Diapers: 1-2 and a 2 at night
*You love to watch TV.  You just stare at all the colors.
*You are high maintenance.  You only sleep in your swings for naps and if I put you anywhere else you will only sleep for about 30 minutes and will sleep in your swing 2-4 hours.
*You are not the greatest when we get out and about.  Every time I seem to have a lunch date or go places, you decide to cry or scream.  But, as long as I am at home you are fine.  I hope this changes real soon. 
*You were a fussy little girl but lately you have stopped being so fussy!! Yeah! Maybe it is the 3 month turn around.. =)
*We had to increase your reflux medicine and I think your little tummy is finally starting to feel better.  Poor baby.
*You love your "bug" toy rattle and your new duck toy.  You always smile at them and you are grabbing them and putting them in your mouth.

Happy 3 months! We love you so!!

Reagan Marie Haley

Yeah!  I'm an aunt again!!  My sister in law, Melissa had her baby on Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 1:43 pm.  She weighed 6 lbs and 12 oz and is just perfect.  She has a head full of dark hair just like her cousin, Burkleigh does.  I can't wait for them to meet this weekend and grow up together.  She is just the cutest thing and was so sweet the whole time I got to hold her.  Welcome to the world sweet baby girl.  We are so glad you are here!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The sweetest sounds..

Love to wake up to this in the morning.  She is cooing and laughing out loud.  I just love those sweet sounds.  She has started to grab her toys and just smile at them.  We got a new duck toy and she loves him.  It is soo sweet! 
The video is about 2 min and the middle is where she laughs. =)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great weekend with family and friends.  On Friday, Burkleigh and I had a great lunch date with my two best friends from high school and their little ones.  It was so great to see them and I'm so thankful we have all reconnected and  are in each others lives.  Their baby boys are just precious and I look forward to many more play dates to come.  Baby Jonah is 1 month old and Noah is 4 months old so B is right in the middle.  It's hard to believe we all have babies.  Between the 3 of us, we have 7 kiddos.  They each have 3 and that just blows my mind.  It seems like yesterday we were in high school and spending the night at each others houses and doing silly things.  Its hard to believe we are all moms.
Christy, Kristi and me

Jonah, Noah and Burkleigh

Me and sweet baby girl

Christy and Noah

Baby Jonah slept the whole time

Of course, little miss didn't want to miss anything so she was awake and taking it all in.

On Saturday, we headed to the lake with my parents and grandparents who came up from Selma.  It was a pretty yucky weekend and we didn't even get out on the water =(   We stayed in and watched football.. War Eagle and played games.  Burkleigh loved Rummikub..she would just stare at the colored tiles and talk to them.  We went for several stroller rides and she rode in her stroller for the first time without her car seat.  I think she liked it!  It was a fun weekend and I can't believe the weather is turning so chilly.  Fall is on the way!
This picture just makes me smile!

Daddy reading to B

Playing games at the lake

Nanny and B
Sweet pea

Chilling in my stroller..

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Burkleigh's first beach trip and Sleeping thru the night...

Last week was a fabulous week!  It was just what mommy needed... a getaway to the beach!  We haven't done much traveling this summer..its been too hot for one thing and quite frankly too much trouble with a newborn.  But, we decided to give the beach a go since Jamie had some more vacation time to use.  I wasn't so sure about going at first.. the thought of 5 hours in the car with a screaming child (she usually doesn't cooperate too well in the car), packing for all of us, dealing with a usually fussy child just kinda made me want to stay home.  But, I talked my sweet mom into going with us and after that I felt better about going.  B could stay inside with Mimi and not have to be in the heat the whole time and Jamie and I could just chill and relax.  I am soo glad we did it!!  B was awesome!  The best she has ever been and we all had a great time in the sun, sand, water, eating seafood, watching Big Brother, and mom and I got to finish reading The Help.  It was such a nice getaway.

We stayed at a friends penthouse in Guf Shores and it was such a treat.  The best part of the whole trip.. Burkleigh SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT!!!  Woo hoo!! Something mommy has been lookign forward to for a while.  =)  Her reflux medicine is finally beginning to kick in and she is a much happier baby.  Wow!  What a difference it makes.. =) We all got some much needed rest and came home and put a black out shade in B's room so she would sleep longer.  I decided thats what was helping her to sleep so good.  She has been sleeping thru the night at home too since we did that.  Yeah and we didn't even have to do the crying it out.  Thank goodness.. mommy can't take all that.  She has always been a good night sleeper.. its just during the day that she doesn't always cooperate.  But, thats fine with me.. I would much rather have her sleeping at night.  Can't wait to go back in April with the whole family!

Dinner at LuLu's

Swimming in the pool for the first time
When we got home Pops took Burkleigh for her first swim in the pool.  She loved it!  =)