Monday, February 27, 2012

Burkleigh's dedication..

This past Sunday B was dedicated at our church.  It was such a special day for our family and I'm so thankful so many of our family could be here to share this special day with us.  It was a great day and B was really good during the service.  She waved to the congregation almost the whole time.  It was too cute. That is her new thing.  Our niece, Reagan who is three months younger than B was also dedicated so that was really special too.  We had everyone over for lunch afterwards and it was just the perfect day together.  One of the most special days together with our sweet baby girl.  A dream come true.. and we are so blessed to have all these wonderful people in our lives to help us raise our baby girl to know Christ and be like Him.
Warning: Picture overload!  =)

Our sweet family
My precious parents with B
B and her mimi.  
All of the girls..
Love these two sweet!
Mimi and Pops will all four of their grandkids

B and my sweet Nanny

Her gorgeous dress that my mom made

B with Pops and Jonelle
B with Aunt Jodi and her cousins Haley and Beau

Nana, daddy and B
My best friend, Shelly and her little girl Brylee

Precious girls!  B was loving on Brylee.. so thankful she is feeling better.
Yummy cakes bites.
and a delicious cake..

Such a fun day!  
And a shout out to Shelly for coming to my house early to help me get everything set up. 
You are the best and I couldn't have done it without you.  So thankful for friends like you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The many faces of sweet B..

These are all iphone pics so the quality isn't that great.. But, I love all these sweet faces!!  
Did you hear that?
I can make music.
Look at my two front teeth..
Yay! This is fun!

Here I come..
Silly little bit
My precious little love..

Monday, February 20, 2012

Burkleigh Ann is 8 months old..

How are you eight months old?
I think I'm gonna cry.. you're growing up too fast.  
You are on the move.  Yay!
You just started crawling about a week ago and you are getting into everything.  
It is so fun.. I love it!  =)
You are in a mommy phase right won't let many people hold you for very long except your Mimi.
You are crazy about her.  When she comes in a room, you will laugh and smile like nothing else.  It is the sweetest.  Today at the mall, you wanted nothing to do with me just Mimi.  I don't think she minds..=) 
You have two little teeth on bottom and I can feel your top teeth starting to come in. 
You weigh around 17 lbs if I had to guess.  
You are wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diaper and 3 at night.
You drink about 5 oz of formula every 4-5 hours and take about 4-5 bottles a day.
You were sleeping through the night until you got sick and then I felt like you were a newborn again.  =(  But, you are slowly creeping back to your old ways and sleeping longer. 
You are starting to go to bed a little later.. usually around 7 or 8 and you sleep till around 5 and drink a bottle and go back till about 8.   
You still love your mobile and when I change your diaper on your changing table you will roll over trying to see your mobile.  You are a wiggly worm.  Its challenging changing your diaper now.. you are a mover!
You have been sick this month for the first time.  You had an ear infection, pink eye and a yucky cough and congestion.  You still have the cough.  Its not too bad but the dr. put you back on another round of antibotics today.  Hopefully this will knock it out of you.
We have lowered your crib because you are sitting up and trying to pull up.  
You still take two naps and you are a great little napper.  (about 2 hours each)
I love this picture.. you are a little flexible thing. Trying to reach up to your mobile.  Sometimes you will sit up and put your head down in between your feet and fall asleep like that with your feet in your face.  I wonder if you will be a little gymnast? You love your bunny lovie and will rub it against your face when you are tired.
You love eating Puffs and baby mum mums crackers.  Those are your two favorite snacks. You can feed yourself and you've gotten really good with those puffs.  =)
You would eat the whole jar of puffs if I would let you.  
You are a saying ma-ma and ba-ba still waiting on da-da.
You love to squeal and be tickled.
Your hair has really lightened up even more.  
You love playing peek a boo.. this is a picture through the slits of the crib.
You have the best little laugh.  I love it!
You love music and singing.  You love our music class on wednesdays and your favorite toy is your bell that you got from music class. I hope you will be musically talented.
  You also like your puppy toy that you got at christmas.
You love to sing Ride a little Horsie.
You are just the sweetest baby and I love you bunches.  
Makes me sad to think about going back to work.. these have been the best 8 months.. challenging and hard but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  
We love you Burkleigh Ann!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day 2012!

Today was Burkleigh Ann's first Valentine's day! Can't believe tomorrow this little love bug will be 8 months old.
She loved her little pink teddy.
And..she wore shoes for the first time today! 
 (not for long but she did and they are still too big even though they are size 6-12 mo.) 

Sweet baby girl playing with her teddy.
A semi-close up of her two bottom teeth!  =)
Playing with her card from Nanny
Not too sure about these shoes..
Playing with my card from daddy..
 My two sweet valentines..
Daddy brought us home cards, flowers and yummy chinese food!  We had a great day with Mimi running around and going to lunch at Zoes.  B had a fun day and took a really good afternoon nap too.  She was a sweet girl today.  Thanks to our Mimi for saving the day this morning when I found an unexpected little visitor hiding in our bathtub.. yikes!  I am terrifed of mice and a tiny little baby one decided to make his way into the tub.  YUCK!  I freaked when I saw it and thankfully my sweet momma came to save the day!  Thanks Mimi!
We love you!!
Hope you all had a happy heart day!