Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Finds..

I'm a little late on my easter wreath., but it's finally done.  I started it last weekend and ran out of eggs so I finished it up the other day.  I thought it turned out pretty cute.  Thanks pinterest for the idea.  What did we do before Pinterest?
I also ordered a super cute beach bag for Burkleigh and it came the other day.  How cute is this. My friend and blogger, Heather had a little shop that sells this adorable bags.
I can't believe I am going to have a one year old in a just about 10 weeks.. seriously??  I think I'm in denial but I am in the party planning stage.  I know first birthdays are more for the adults than the kids so I am searching blogs and pinterest for cute ideas.  I've found several.  Our theme is cupcakes and it's gonna be pink and green overload.  =)  I ordered this cute sign from etsy and it came this past week too.
I've also gotten lots of cute clothes in the mail for B for spring/summer.  I think all the catalogs that I ordered from this time have all arrived and I can't wait for her to wear it all.  Here's a few from Smocked Auctions, Castles and Crowns, Shrimp and Grits, Orient Express.  I'm a sucker for a cute smocked outfit!!
We are ready for the beach in 2 weeks.. can't wait!! Hope this weather stays warm and sunny!

Happy Weekend!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pulling up, playing and new snacks..

Burkleigh is in a stage where she is not interested in her baby food anymore.  She is all about feeding herself.. miss independent! So, I'm trying to rack my brain of new food ideas.  Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions.  I've tried bananas and she likes them okay but they are so gooey she has a hard time picking them up.  She LOVES her snacks and the girl would be just fine to eat snacks all day long.  Puffs are her favorite and she likes Mum-mum's okay and the yogurt bites are yummy too.  A friend told me about these puff type snacks by Happy Baby and she LOVES them.  They are like cheetoos and come in 2 different flavors.  Cheese and brocolli and she likes them both.  She also had Yo Baby yogurt and really liked it this time. I had given it to her before and she wasn't that interested but now she likes it.  Thank goodness. 
Yummy munchies!

Yogurt smile!

She has really taken off with pulling up and now she is pulling up on everything.  Mimi bought her a new play toy and she loves to stand up and play with it. 
Look at me.. I can pull up on the couch!
Where's Burkleigh?
In the refrigerator!!
She loves for your to count to 3 and on 3 she pulls up and stands.. its too cute!
Always on the go..
Sweet smile!
Getting tired.. 
Where did the ball go? 
 Loves to throw them all over the place and she can throw them really far too..
wonder if we have a ball player in the making?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Look at me..

This is how I was greeted this morning when I went to get little bit up..
She can officially pull up in her crib. =(

And she can thank her Mimi for teaching her to do this..
She can drink from a straw and was loving it!

Love those little hands..

We had a pretty awful experience today at portrait innovations.. I was extremely disappointed in them today when I took B to get her picture made in her dedication gown.  =( They were not very accomodating and needless to say we left with no pictures and a mad momma.  Oh well..I'm not planning on going back.. so hopefully we'll have better luck next week. 

We're off to the dr. tomorrow for our 9 mo. checkup. I'm praying all goes well!
I do not do well with shots..

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patricks day..

From our little family of 3!

Burkleigh got a new toy and she's had fun playing with it.

I hate to say it but the days of the headband are over.. =(
B now pulls it off everytime I put it on.  So, we'll be using the little ones for now.
Hope you've had a good day and remembered your green!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Burkleigh Ann is 9 months old..

Time is really flying by! It's hard to believe I have a 9 month old.
I wish I could freeze time.
You weighed around 17.5 lbs at the dr. 2 weeks ago.
Your 9 mo. check up is next week.. more shots!  =(
You are wearing a size 3 diaper.
Your clothes are anywhere from 6-12 mo. It just depends on what it is.
My favorite pjs are from the children's place and they are size 6-9 mo. 
 You are about ready for the next size up.
You are so much fun! I just love this stage.
You are into everything and you can crawl really fast!
You laugh, giggle, smile, blow bubbles, make noises, imitate us and say ma-ma all the time.
You drink about 4-5 bottles a day usually around 5 oz each.. sometimes less.
You were sick a good bit this month. You had your second ear infection and got a shot and more meds.  
Your sleep schedule has been off.  You haven't really slept through the night much this month.
Hopefully soon.. between the ears, and teething its been a hard month.
You still usually take two naps about 2 hr. each.
You still only have 2 little teeth. I can feel the top ones coming in but they aren't in yet.
I hope they come in soon.. you do wake up crying in the night some.
You love Oscar.  It is too cute. You love all over him and try to give him hugs and he just sits there and lets you.  He loves his sissy. 
You love to sit in front of the door and look out.  It is your new favorite thing to do.

You love your books and this one, Ten Little Ladybugs is one of your favorites.  
Thanks Mrs. Kim and Erin.  =)
You also love Eight Silly Monkeys and You are my little love bug.  You will just sit and listen to me read those  over and over and over!!
You love your bunny lovie and have really become attached to it.  You have to have him when you sleep.
You rub his little ears on your face or suck on the bottom part of it.  I did that too with my little pillow that I carried around.
You like this little toy too and you push the top of the houses down and then animals pop up and make their sounds.  You can make the dog sound.

You love water and you do a good job drinking from your tommy tippee cups. 
You love your swing we got for the backyard.  You just smile and laugh.
You LOVE to be outside and go for walks or ride in your car.
You can clap your hands, play patty cake and wave.  You do it all the time.
Anytime you hear music, you start kicking your feet real hard.  You love it!
You and bunny.
You are a little busy bee.. and always on the move!!
You love to explore around and play on the floor.  
You love to play with these little balls and you will bang them together and throw them and then go get them and laugh. You will do that over and over again.  Its too funny.
You have pulled up in the bathtub several times but that's about it.
You will pull up on your knees but you aren't standing up yet.. and I'm glad.  =)
I know it won't be long..

You are just the sweetest baby girl.  Its still hard to believe you are ours!
We love you more and more every day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Better Days..

B is finally beginning to feel better!! Yay!  Her nose has almost quit running and the cough is still lingering but not as bad.  Whew.. hopefully the 3rd antibotic does the trick.  We'll go back in a week and a half for her 9 month checkup and a recheck of her ears and I'm praying this is the last of it!  =)

We had a good weekend and today we celebrated my nephew Beau's 7th birthday at Treetop.  It was fun!
Happy Birthday Beau Beau.. we love you!

B loves her Aunt Jodi

B has also found the door stops and she loves to play with them.  Too funny!

 We also had some lunch and park fun with our sweet friends Rebecca and Lily. The girls were too cute.

B had fun at music this past week.. they all got to play on the big drums.  They loved it!

And we had a little bit of laundry basket fun!

Here's to a good week ahead..