Monday, December 24, 2012

A Haley Christmas

Last weekend, we had our annual Haley Christmas get together.  My sister in law, Melissa hosted this year and we had a great time together. Burkleigh and her cousin Reagan had fun playing together and B got lots of  fun new toys.  I can't wait to see her on Christmas morning.  
She liked playing with Reagan's little ride on toy.  I think Santa may be getting her one of these.. not sure!
Taking pics with an 18 month old is not exactly easy .. you get what you get. 
I didn't get any pics with Pop and Jonelle either..
Opening gifts.. she loved her little makeup vanity.  It is so cute too!
Thanks, Aunt Melissa, Uncle Jay and Reagan

Aunt Melissa  and Reagan
Aunt Jodi went to the cabbage patch nursery and brought B back a baby doll.  
It is really cute and she loves it.  I think she loves the paci for herself and not baby.  ha!

Sweet cousins.. B was over it at this point.. Sorry Reagan!
One tired baby girl!
We had a fun night and B got some pjs, books, little people farm from Pop and Jonelle and another pink bus.  =) She loves the farm.  She also got a new plate and fork and spoon, socks and shoes too.
Next year will be double the fun!  

Burkleigh Ann is 18 months..

Sister.. you are a mess these days!
You like to stick your finger up your nose when we ask you to point to your nose.  
Then,  you laugh when I say "little girls don't do that" and I grab your finger.
You do it over and over.. ha!
Weight: Not sure.. we go friday for your 18 mo checkup
Clothes: 12-18 months
Diaper: size 4
Shoe: size 5
You love the Christmas tree and ornaments.  You can turn the tree on and off with your foot and you love to do that.  You also love the ornaments.  I gave you a few to play with when I was putting the tree up and I didn't know you would become OBSESSED with them and want to carry them everywhere you go. 
You have pretty much broken them but that's okay and if I try to hide one and put it away you notice and want it back.  You like to put them in your purse and take them out and put back in.  
This is the picture I get when I ask you to stand in front of the tree and smile.  ha.
At least you can follow one step directions.. most of the time!
You love to dump your puzzles out and sit in your bucket and play.
You HATE having your diaper changed from me and will pitch a fit when I try.
It's no fun.. you don't like getting your clothes on either.
Mimi and Aunt Jodi say you don't fit them too much but you definitly do for me.
I've tried to start asking you to help me and let you go get the diaper and wipes and bring them to me and you always do.  When I ask you to lay down on the floor, you usually cooperate better than on your changing table. 
You love to take the diapers to the trash and throw them away.
You really like to throw any trash away. 
You understand everything we say to you and you amaze me how quickly you catch on.
You still LOVE Barney and must watch him every morning when you get up.
Lately, you've been in a stage where you don't want to eat much but you want to drink your milk.
If only we could get you to drink it out of a cup instead of a bottle.. you just won't.
You love everything else in a cup..water, juice, tea, cream soda.. ha!
You really love ketchup and love to eat chicken nuggets dipped in ketchup.
You also love ranch dressing and dipping your carrots in them.  
You want to sit/climb on all your little toys.  
You still love this little bus.  You push it around everywhere.
You love your baby dolls too and books.
You love to open and shut doors and turn lights on and off.
You scared mommy the other night when you were playing in the bathroom.You were inside the door and I was outside the door and you were pulling the drawers in the bathroom open and you had the door closed too.  Well, when I went to open it the drawer to the cabinet was out so far that the door wouldn't open for me to get in.  I slightly panicked but tried to stay calm.  It took me a few minutes of saying, "Burkleigh close the drawer so mommy can come in" but you finally did  it and all was fine.  =) 
You are miss independent.
You want to do it all yourself.
Oscar is your best bud. You love to run from him.
Lately, you've been sleeping in and taking 3 hour naps too!  
You like to stay up late though but you usually always sleep 10-12 hours every night and will nap 2-3 during the day.
You love to dance and twirl around in circles.
You love for daddy to carry you on his back.
You love to dance in our shower and play in the water in the sink.
You love to sleep with mommy and daddy.
You are learning to clean up your toys when we ask you to.
You are talking a lot more.  You can say: Chase, Mimi, milk, mommy, daddy, ball, and you try to say where is it.  
If we ask you where something is and you don't know you do your little hands out like, "I don't know"
You are a pretty good listener too!
You love daddy's kindle fire.
You are all about monkey see, monkey do.
You love to run and laugh.
You are a handful these days and you wear your mommy out but I love every minute of it.
I love to see you grow and learn and each stage is so fun!
This one is just exhausting.  =)
I still can't believe you are going to be a big sister soon!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pictures with Santa and a Temper Tantrum..

Friday, I was off because I  had to take my glucose test that morning.  We decided to take B to have her picture made with Santa when I got home.  I knew she probably wasn't going to cooperate but we had to have the screaming picture as a keepsake.  And..that's just what we got.  The quality is awful in this picture.. so bad that her dress that is hot pink printed RED and by the time they figured out how to fix the problem, they needed B to re-take the picture.  But, Santa was on break for an hour and we weren't waiting.  So, hopefully we can go back and try again.  Frustrating.. but oh well..
What a difference a year makes..

This cutie pie also gave us a scare on Saturday.  Oh my.. we were on our way out the door to run some errands and little miss was mad and not wanting to cooperate.  I had come back in the house for a quick minute to get something and she got mad and threw herself on the floor.  When I looked at her, her eyes rolled back in her head and she wasn't making a sound. Freaked. Me. Out.  I immediately ran to grab her and when I did she was like a rag doll. I was screaming to call 911 and by the time we got them on the phone she had come too and was crying.  I didn't know what in the world had happened.  Once I calmed downed and she was okay, I told the dispatcher not to send anyone that I thought she was ok and I would call the pediatrian's office.  The sweet nurse called me right back and when I told her what all had happened, she said, "Well, ma'am you've just experienced your first temper tantrum."  I said.. What??  I called 911 about a temper tantrum and she said babies can do that as young as 6 mo -3 years.  She also said sometimes they will turn blue from holding their breath and just pass out.  But, thankfully it only lasts about a minute and the body won't let them stay that way for long.  It seemed like forever and I sure hope that never happens again.  Scared the life out of me.  And, yes just in case you are wondering.. I did do that when I was little too.  Mom said I am reliving her days.  Ha.  Looks like payback is here. =(   
Please pray for us ya'll.. looks like we're gonna have our hands full.

Christmas Card 2012

Merry Christmas from our family to yours...

Helena Christmas Parade

Last weekend was the Helena Christmas Parade and our sweet friends, The Frederick's came with us.  It was a HOT day.. high's in the upper 70's, which doesn't make it seem like Christmas weather.  Gotta love Alabama!  We had lunch at the Depot then we all headed down to the parade.  The girls had fun playing and seeing the floats but neither one of them liked all the sirens. 
Sweet friends.. Lily and B

Our sweet neighbor friends came too.  Aren't they cute?
Daddy and B
The best one we could get.. I'm gonna miss these two so much when they leave.
Clapping to the music
Making silly noises..
Precious Lily
The only picture I got of any of the floats.. This was B's kindermusik teacher.
Tired baby girl..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving with the cousins..

My brother, SIL and kiddos were on their way back from the beach so they came to my parents Thanksgiving night.  We had one day with them which is never long enough but I'm thankful we got some time together with them.  It's harder now to see everybody now that the kids are in school all day and I'm back at work. Hopefully, we will see them at some point over the christmas holidays.

B loves her cousins.. sweet Hannah girl
Chase taught her how to ride the big wheel.  She was too funny.  She loved for him to push her and she even went down the driveway all by herself.. she has no fear!

I'm sure she was saying "Chase"here or as she says it.. "ace"
She loves her Chase man!
Even lion got a little ride too.
My brother took a few pics of our sweet girl.. 

And.. this was the best one we could get with Mimi and all the kiddos.
When we tried to get Pop in the picture, no one would cooperate.  It's pretty comical trying to get four kids and 2 adults to all look at the camera at once.  Ha. Who knew it would be so hard.  
Then, after about 20 takes the camera card got full and we just gave up.
Oh well.. good memories! 

A Thankful Thanksgiving..

What a difference a year makes...
Burkleigh, 5 months and 17 months and we got 2 years out of this dress and hopefully sissy will get some too!  =)

We had a great Thanksgiving with family at my parents house.  
My dad went to Selma to spend thanksgiving with his mom and sister and we stayed here with my nanny, and uncle Pheaton and aunt Patti and girls from Huntsville.  B loved playing with Carson and of course she was eating up all the attention from Nanny.  She loves her nanny and can say nanny now.  Mom has been taking care of Nanny too and she's been staying with my parents for the past few months so B has been seeing her Nanny a lot. 
I am very thankful for these two sweet women who take such good care of my child and me!
I don't know what I would do without them.  
I'm so thankful for my sweet girl who makes life so fun and I'm so thankful that God has blessed us with another little angel girl to add to our sweet family.
I'm thankful for this awesome daddy that B gets to grow up with and thankful that he puts up with me even in my craziness.
I'm thankful for a job that I love and a community to raise my child in that I love.
I'm thankful for our health and for a roof over my head and food on the table.
She loved the turkey the best!
I'm thankful for friends and family that are always there for us no matter what.
The dessert was the best part though!
I'm thankful for a God that knows whats best for us even when we don't see it.
I'm thankful for all the men and women who are serving our country for us.
I'm thankful for loving grandmothers who are such an inspiration.
I'm thankful for all the things I have and to have a hard working husband.
I'm thankful for all the memories that we make each day with my sweet girl.
Life is too short.. Enjoy every moment.