Monday, October 28, 2013

A look back at my precious nanny..

My precious nanny went home to be with the Lord and my Pappy on Sunday, Oct. 20th.  She was 85 years old and the best grandmother a girl could have. I was very close to her and it's still so hard to believe she's really gone.  I am happy that she is no longer suffering and is perfect again. These past few years, she's had a hard time and she fell and broke her hip right before Maggie was born and since then she has never really walked again.  She was bound to a wheelchair and it just made life hard for her.  So, I'm sure she ran into the arms of Jesus.  After being in and out of the hospital several times, she was in an assisted living and my mom would take care of her.  She was tired, and ready to go home so I'm thankful that God didn't let her suffer anymore.  But, I'm extremely sad that she will not be here with us to play cards (she loved Phase 10 and Dominos), to eat dinner with us, to share in the happy times, to see the girls grow up. But, I'm so thankful I had her for all these years and that she did get to meet my sweet girls. Burkleigh was a nanny's girl and she loved her nanny.  She was always ask us "where's Nanny"  As I was going back through pictures, I'm so glad we have these to hold on to and I will make sure the girls know how special this lady was and what a big part of my life she was.  She will always hold a special place in my heart.  We love you so much Nan! Thanks for all the wonderful memories.  You were the best!
Christmas 2010, I was 17 weeks pregnant and we had just found out we were having a baby girl!
My baby shower for Burkleigh.. my mom and both my grandmothers
Burkleigh's first trip to Selma.. she was 3.5 months old. I think this was the first time she met Nanny.
February 2012 Burkelighs dedication at church

Halloween, 2012 so glad nanny got to come up and trick or treat with us.
Thanksgiving, 2012
Christmas, 2012 

Not sure when this was.. we took Nanny to our favorite restaurant.  
Feb 2013 Nan meeting Maggie Charles for the first time.  She was about 3 weeks old.
June, 2013 Burkleigh's 2nd b'day and she loved her puzzle from Nan.
June 2013  visiting nanny at the assisted living
4th of July 2013 Nan got to come to our house for a yummy meal.  We had a great time and even played some cards!
August, 2013 my b'day lunch  at Cracker Barrell.
Such a special picture with both the girls.  

Gonna miss you so much Nan! We will never forget you or the memories.. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sick and A Day with Pops..

Last week was NO fun for the most part... Maggie got the stomach bug Monday night and threw up in the middle of the night.  She seemed ok but her bed was a mess and she of course didn't want to eat.  Then, Burkleigh got it Wednesday night and it was by far the sickest she's ever been. It was pitiful...she didn't understand what was going on and everytime she was about to get sick she would yell, No Mama. So sad.. after I had changed the sheets twice and she kept getting sick we ended up just sleeping on towels.  That was a long night.  She seemed better on Thursday and then Friday night, I got and Saturday night Jamie got it.  By Saturday, I was better so thankfully it was just 24 hours for the most part.  We had all been stuck in this house since Tuesday and by Saturday I was about to go crazy.  That afternoon, I loaded the girls up and we met my dad to go to the power company's carnival they put on every year.  We went last year and it was fun but B didn't get to do a lot since she was so little.  This year, she LOVED it.  She couldn't get enough of the rides and everything was free! It was so nice.  The weather was perfect and it was a great day to get out of the house.  The girls were both so good and B didn't want to leave.  Thank you dad for taking us.  We had a blast!!

Painting pumpkins...
Making a sand tube..
Feeding the baby goat..

Riding a pony for the first time.  She LOVED it despite the pic I got.
First time to ride a pony.
Riding the tea cups..
Driving the little boat..

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maggie's dedication..

On Sunday,  October 13 Maggie Charles was dedicated at church.  It was a special time for our family as I reflected on all the times I longed to be married with kids.  I am so thankful for another little blessing that the Lord has given to us and entrusted us to be their parents.  What a huge privilege and responsibility to teach these babies about the Lord and help them grow up to be Godly Christian women.  I pray that we are the role models and teachers that God wants us to be.
This precious little 2 year old looked beautiful in the dress that my mom made for my niece when I got married.  I'm so glad my own daughter got to wear this special dress.

Sweet sisters on our way to church.. Mags got to wear a beautiful dress that my moms sweet friend made for Burkleigh.  She looked so sweet in it.  
Once we got to church, Mags decided to take a little cat nap before the service.
Here we are waiting before the service.
Me and my sweet little mini
Not only was it a special day for our family but we also got to celebrate it with Jamie's brother and his wife.  Since we go to the same church, we had both the girls dedicated at the same time.  Little Kendal and Maggie.  Almost two years ago, we dedicated Reagan and Burkleigh at the same time so it was extra special to be able to do it again with 2 more precious angel girls.
Reagan and Burkleigh, sweet cousins
Melissa and I with the youngest girls
Our sweet family of 4
Mimi and pops with the girls
Maggie, 8 months Burkleigh, 28 months
Precious angel baby

THank you Lord for these two little blessings from you! 
Maggie Charles Haley:  "Of Great Value"
Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.  Matthew 10:31

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Maggie Charles 7 and 8 months...

I'm way behind on sissy's montly updates so I thought I would combine the two.  Today she is EIGHT MONTHS OLD!!  I swear, it was just yesterday that she was sleeping in the rock n play in my room and now she is too big for it and has her own room.  boo hoo!!  I know I say it all the time but seriously how does the time go so fast when you have kids?  I don't ever remember time going by this fast before my kiddos.  It really is the craziest thing...

On to sissy.. Maggie Charles you are just a true JOY and I'm so thankful God let me have one pretty easy and sweet baby.  Wow.. what a difference it makes!  Your smile is contagious and you are always smiling or laughing.
You went from sitting up in your little bath tub to sitting by yourself in the big tub.  You love the water and love to run your hands under the facuet.  You love for sissy to take a bath with you and bath times are one of your favorite parts of the day!

YOu love to ride in the car.  You are so big girl.. you can honk the horn and you just laugh and laugh.
You have started rolling all around and getting up on your knees and scooting everywhere.  YOu can even sit up by yourself from laying down.  You are all over the floor but not crawling just yet.  If I put you down you end up on the other side of the room.  You love to be down!!
YOu love your high chair and you are starting to eat more.  You love almost everything.. you've had bananas, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, and mashed potatoes.  You study us when we eat and drink and you want it all.  You don't have any teeth just yet but I think you are working on it.  You've had puffs and yogurt melts too and you weren't so sure about those but I think your starting to like them.  
You can drink out of a sippy cup and you like your sippy cup with a straw.  You love water too!  You drink about 6 oz of milk every 4 hours and 8 oz at night usually.  YOu are sleeping better!  You slept through the night for about a week then you went back to waking up once. Sometimes I can soothe you with your passi other times not.  YOu go to bed around 7-8 and will sleep till 7 or 8 in the am if you wake up its usually around 4 or 5.
You love to be held, tickled, sang to, talked to, and you love your sissy!  You will be fussy and crying and when you see B you will immediately stop and smile.  It is so sweet!   You love your paci too!  You crack me up taking it in and out of your mouth.
You've had ice cream for the first time and of course you liked it.  B fed it right too you.  She has also fed you her popsicles and you loved those.  =)  Oh.. those 2nd babies.. they just get everything that the first ones didn't.. lol!
Thankfully, we haven't been to the dr. since 6 months so I have no clue how much you weigh.  I'm guessing around 20ish lbs.  You are a chunk and I love it!!
Diapers: You wear a size 4.. and so does B! Crazy that ya'll wear the same size.  
Clothes: You are wearing mostly 9 months.
You have just started to babble a lot lately and this past week you said your first word...
Dada...dada...  =)
You have also gotten your first tooth this past week along with a yucky cold.  

YOu'll be really crawling in about a week..
YOu love to be outside, you love to play with your sissy.  SHe makes you laugh all the time and you are a big mama's girl.
You love to play peek a boo, be sung to and read to and tickled.
THis is your face after eating a puff for the first time.. You are liking them more and you are doing really good feeding yourself. 
YOu have also learned how to sit up in your crib all by yourself.  I found you this way for the first time a few weeks ago and you were just happy as could be playing with your mobile.  Guess its time to lower the bed.. sniff, sniff!
THis is your 8th month picture.  I couldn't find the 8th month sticker..
Happy 8 months sweet girl. Each month goes by way too fast but we are making the most of our days and making lots of memories each day too! 
You are my special gift from God and I'm thankful for you and your sissy every single day!
We love you so!