Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dancing with the stars elimination..

Well..tonight was the night when one couple got the boot?
Were you shocked that this couple were the first ones to leave?

I was! Although I wasn't a big fan of her's, I didn't think they were all that bad. I mean.. Kate Gosselin and Buzz Aldrin were a lot worse! I was really shocked that neither of them were in the bottom two! Were you? I thought it was a little ironic that Mark was injured. Do you think the votes are rigged or was that just a coincidence? If not, then I'm glad they were the ones to leave. He would have been out for a while anyway.
I was kind of surprised about Pamela Anderson being in the bottom two. I thought she would have had more fans. Who did you think did really well this past week?

I hate to say it but I think Jake and Chelsie did really good. Much better than I thought he would do with a faster dance. I thought Erin did better.. she still looks awkward to me at times. Do you think she has something going on with Max? Who knows.. but I think he is a total gross out! I think he has such a big ego.. and boy does he like to have that shirt undone so everyone can see his abs. I know he has nice abs but I mean.. really?? Do you have to do it all the time? I didn't think Chad was as bad as the judges made him out to be. I still like him and think he will stick around for a bit. I did like Evan this week.. he is growing on me... still awkward though and waht about all the Kate drama. Is she a total B or are the cameras making her out to be? I think she has a hard time communicating with men. Poor Tony.. I've never seen a professional say they quit before. I bet she is hard to work with!
I'm still liking my fav's. I'm glad they all made it through. I wonder who is going to be the next one off. I think maybe Buzz?? I guess we'll have to tune in to see. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to the World...

Sweet baby Cassie Adair Capps! She was born on Thursday, March 25th at 7:19 am weighing 8 lbs 14 oz. This is my precious friend, Simin's new little bundle of joy. She is absolutely adorable with a head full of dark hair. Jamie and I got to go up and visit on Saturday and I was in heaven just holding her. I got to feed her and she slept in my arms for over an hour. She is so dang cute! I just love her! What a precious little blessing from God. I can't wait to hold her again. I told Simin to watch out.. I may be stealing her from her. Mommy and baby are both doing well and went home today.

Isn't she precious? I am in love!

Big sister, Daisy and sweet baby Cassie

Mommy and baby

We took them this yummy cookie cake!
Also, I went back to the doctor on Friday morning and got a really good report. So I was very excited to know that I had several follicles that were of a good size. I had a sweet friend come over that night and give me the HCG shot so I go back next Friday to see how my levels are and I'm praying for another good report. We'll see.. Thank you all for your prayers, and encouragement. I feel so much better knowing that we have friends praying for us and thinking about us. This process is definitly stressful, and emotional but I wanted to share our story for all the pray warriors out there. I know it is working! Keep praying for more good news to come!

Hope you had a great weekend. I wish the weather would make up its mind and stay warm now. It is spring afterall! We got some stuff done out in the yard, cleaned up around the house, and I washed all the laundry.. and can't believe my basket is EMPTY. I don't think that has ever happened! I wish it could stay like that! Jamie is cooking out steaks on the grill and they smell so yummy! I made a yummy chocolate chip pound cake.. it is heavenly and so easy! Really good with some vanilla ice cream on top too. I'll leave you with the recipe and hope you all have a great week!

Chocolate chip pound cake
1 Duncan Heinz yellow butter cake mix
1 sm. pck chocolate instant pudding
4 eggs
1 c. oil
1/4 c. water
1 sm. sour cream
1 tsp. vanilla
1 6 0z. chocolate chips.
Mix all together. Pour into a greased and floured bundt pan.
Bake 325 for 1 hour until done.
Let cool and then flip it over!

Serve with ice cream.. it's delicious!
Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dancing with the Stars....

So, are ya'll just as excited as I am about the new season? I am so Pumped!! I LOVE that show and it just makes for a great evening on a Monday night. Don't you think? I have been a big fan of the show since the beginning and I am so excited that Ashley DelGrosso-Costa is back. She was my favorite professional from Season 3.. just love her cute bubbly self! Kinda sad she got paired with Buzz Aldrin, but oh well. She doesn't really stand a chance.. but, at least he tried and didn't fall! ha! I'm sad Samantha Harris isn't back, but I think Brooke Burke will do great.

I do have a few fav's already and here they are! But, they may change at any time.. =)

Chad Ochicino and Cheryl Burke.

I am a sucker for the football guys. Jerry Rice has been one of my all time favorites! So, I can't wait to see how well Chad does. I thought he did really well tonight. I'm not a huge fan of Cheryl. She has won several times and I think she is a little full of herself, but she is a good dancer. I can't say she's not.

Nicole (aka pussycat girl) and Derek Hough.
WOW! That's what I thought about their dance. She did great and who doesn't like to watch him dance? He sure is easy on the eyes.. uh huh! I think they will go far. LOVE him!

Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel
I just love her.. she is so funny! I love her show Clean House and tonight she didn't disappoint me either. She makes me laugh and I love her self confidence. I want them to stick around just to make the show fun.

I can't wait to see how these 2 do?

I don't know why but I was a little nervous for him.. I just felt bad for him that he was doing this to himself.. opening up a new can of worms. He needs to get off tv and stay off because he sure can't dance! I am so disgusted with his decision that he just totally grosses me out to watch him. And.. they were playing up the whole rose thing. Can we get any cheesier? And.. Vienna and Gia in the audience.. what was up with that? Oh goodness.. I guess it makes for good tv. I'm over them!

And.. what about Kate Gosselin? Do you think she will go far.
I thought she did pretty bad, but I bet she will stick around for a bit.
What about the rest of them??
Well.. I thought Pamela Anderson was a little too much.. ugh!
Shannon Dougherty has my sympathy vote. I did love her on 90210..one of my fav high school shows. I think she has potential but she's not a fav just yet.
Erin Andrews.. she was all right.. Not the best, not the worst.. I think she is so tall that she looks a little weird.. not graceful at all.
Buzz Aldrin.. well let's not go there. he's a grandpa and he tried!
Evan Lysacek.. he didn't really impress me at all but Jamie thought he was really good. He kinda grosses me out to watch him.. I don't know why. He reminds me of Superman...that slicked back hair and I think he just needs to stay on the ice.. sorry Evan!
And, Aiden Turner.. well..he wasn't so hot either. I think he will improve though and he does have one of my all time favorite professional dances.. Edyta. I love that girl and I drool over her body! Maybe one day... ha! I'll keep dreaming!

So, there's my 411 on the show. Are you watching this season with me or not? If you are, I want to know who you liked. Please tell me!! Come on, comment people!! =)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Take Two..

Friday I went to the doctor to see how things were progressing. I had an ultrasound done and they found 2 small cysts from the clomid (that is one of the side effects) but she said they were not of too much concern since they were small. So, round one of clomid didn't work but we get to start round two this month as well. I have several friends who have been through this same process and so many of them have said they didn't even get to do two months in a row of the meds because of the cysts. So, I'm glad that we can continue the journey and not have to wait another month. If all goes well next week, I will also get an HCG shot to help me ovualte and then we'll see what happens from there. Please continue to pray for our family and our little one in the making. I cannot tell you how many of you have sent me a message or an email telling me your stories as well. It is so comforting to know that others are out there praying for us and have been through the same thing. It is really neat to see God work and He has definitly brought people in my life for a reason and at the right time. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement.. it means a lot. I am so emotional right now. My hormones are going crazy and I feel like I cry all the time. My poor hubby.. I know I am hard to live with but I'm so glad he has been understanding.. for the most part. =) It has to get better and I am eager to continue to see God's hand at work. In the meantime, I will continue to remember this scripture and know that God has a plan!

Thanks Mel for the precious hand towel.. I love it and I love you!
And.. who's ready for the premiere of Dancing with the Stars tomorrow night?
I am soo excited! Can't wait to see Kate Gosselin and Jake! ha!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Road Trip

Spring Break finally arrived! Jamie and I decided we wanted to go to the beach for the weekend but we decided to go on a spontaneous road trip. We left Friday morning heading down to Gulf Shores. We decided to just find a place to stay when we got there.. so crazy for us, but we did! I am pretty much a planner and like for things to be thought out but this time, I just wanted to go and I didn't really care where we stayed. We've never been one to go to the beach in March because it is usually still cold, but I was determined to go somewhere where the sun was shining because it has been so cold here lately. And the weather was pretty much perfect the whole time we were there. It was a little windy but the sun was definitly shining and just made for a perfect weekend. We ate lunch at the Shrimp Basket, found a hotel, and even put our bathing suits on and got in the hot tub for a bit. That night we went to the Hangout for dinner and the fish tacos were delish! We had fun hanging out and listening to the band play. They were good!

Eating dinner at the Hangout

I love this sign!

I've never noticed the huge fan inside the restaurant.

Saturday we went shopping at the outlets, ate lunch at LuLu's and then drove down to Fairhope. We went shopping some more at the cute little shops in Fairhope! I just love that place.. it is just so neat and I would love to move there one day. We went to the Fairhope Pier and Jamie fished for a bit. It was a nice day too. That night, we ate at the Fly Creek Cafe. It was such a fun place too... right on the bay. The food was delicious and the place was really fun. Thanks, Elizabeth for the recommendation!

A fun place to eat and play!

This cool pirate ship was there too..

The Fairhope Pier

So pretty

Jamie fishing at the pier

Dinner at Fly Creek Cafe

The city at night was all lit up! So pretty

Sunday we checked into the Grande Hotel. That place is awesome and we LOVE it. We decided that one night is just not enough time to stay.. there is so much to do. Lots of activities for the kids, a pier to fish on, you can rent bikes to ride, yummy restaurants, a huge pool.. really several. Since it's on the bay you can lay out on the beach, rent kayaks, play volleyball.. and the list goes on. It is just a neat place. We ate some yummy burgers for lunch at the Birdcage Lounge and for dinner we decided to eat there at the Saltwater Grill. It was good too. We layed out most of the day on Sunday. It was the prettiest day and got some sun too!

The view of the pool from our hotel room balcony

Jamie fishing..again!

The margaritas by the pool were yummy!

Outside our balcony..we had a great view!

Toes in the sand

I can't believe I have my bathing suit on in March!

The beautiful sunset

My hot hubby!

Monday we had to check out and head back home. Sad! We did eat lunch at the famous Panini Pete's... and, oh my goodness! It was the best!! If you haven't heard of this place before, it has been featured on the Food Network's Diner's, Drive Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri. It is basically a hole in the wall that has the best panini sandwiches you can imagine. They also make homemade french fries or chips which both were very good. They were oh so yummy and the beignets were amazing too. We have fallen in love with that place and can't wait to go back! If you are ever in the area, you have to stop in and eat there! What a cool place and the people are so nice too!

Yummy! I had already eaten half my sandwich

The delicious beignets!

We had an absolute blast on our trip!! It's always sad to come home, but at least I have the week to myself! =) Mom and I will be making a trip to Selma to see my grandmother and then I plan to take some time to clean out closets.. not fun and get some things organized around here. I hope you all are having a great Spring Break.. if you do get one. If not, I'm sorry you are not a teacher! =) I sure hope the sun will make an appearance at home. It is depressing to come back to blah, cold and dreary weather. That's not what it's supposed to be like!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Patrick the Gnome...

Isn't he cute?

Well.. we came home tonight and he was on our kitchen counter. Erin left us a very sweet note telling us she felt bad about keeping him.. since Jamie did the work. Erin.. you really shouldn't have. You went out and found him! But, thanks for the kind gesture. I really hope he brings us good luck! I'm counting on him too! =)

He came bearing gifts too..

Wow.. and lots of gifts that will definitly be used! However, Erin.. I do feel bad about taking all of the cards.. you were supposed to keep some of them! It was a team effort!

Jamie was glad to see him...
I guess hard work does pay off! The hunt was fun and we always look forward to Hewy's hunts.
Good job, Jamie and Erin! I'm proud of ya'll!!

Who knows when the next one will be.. but you can check out Hewy's blog here and stay up on the latest info in Helena. He sure does know everything!

And until the next hunt.. here's where little Patrick the gnome will sit.
Up on the mantel!

Thanks again Erin! It was a fun hunt! We love ya!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Helena Gnome Hunt

So, today was another helena gnome hunt. If you are from Helena, you probably know what I am talking about. If not, I'll tell you real quick. My husband follows this blog from a guy in helena who posts things about our town and keeps you informed on all that goes on around here. Twice a year he has these gnome hunts where you have to find a hidden gnome that he hides somewhere in Helena and he will post clues on his blog every few hours. If you find it, he is yours to keep and supposedly it will bring you good luck. Well.. we tried to do the last hunt and we went all over the town looking for it and couldn't find it. We quickly got addicted to these silly hunts and even got some family and friends in on it. Well.. Jamie was really sad when he found out there was another one today and we were not going to be in town. So, we had our friends, the Hawkins that were going to go out looking too. Jamie read some of the clues from his phone and thought he might know where it was, so we called Erin and told her and she went down there to see and low and behold.. it was there!! Jamie and Erin got the gnome! I know Jamie really wished we had been there.. but, the beach was a little more important. =) The gnome was a special St. Patty's day one and he was even wrapped with St. Patty day necklaces and gift cards to all over. Publix, the depot, the coffee shop, Native beach.. wow.. I think it was like $90 worth of gift cards that Erin is graciously sharing! So, good job guys. I'm proud of ya'll for finding that thing and I sure hope it brings us some luck! We need it for sure!