Sunday, May 22, 2011

36 weeks..

and counting! 4 more to go!  I wonder if she will make it that long?
Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: 36 weeks.. the last month

Size of baby: Baby H is 6lbs and is 19 inches long.. can't believe it!

Total weight gain/loss: I have gained 20 lbs.. going to the dr. every week now.
Maternity clothes: I am still really enjoying wearing dresses and skirts. Those seem to be the most comfortable right now and capri's.

Gender: You are a GIRL!! BURKLEIGH ANN

Movement: She is a little wiggle worm but I'm wondering if she is running out of room.  There's not much space left in there but I still love to feel you kick and move.  Such an awesome feeling!

Sleep: Not too bad...

Cravings: Nothing too crazy...

What I miss: Maybe bending over..

Symptoms: Same.. backpain some, mostly heartburn and leg cramps at night.. ouch! Those things hurt like crazy!!

Best moment this week: Getting a great report at the dr.  She said all looked great on paper and off. I was one of the best patients she had seen.  So, that was exciting!  I needed some good news after our stressful week last week with all the car drama.  Thank you Lord my blood pressure wasn't through the room.  School gets out on Thursday and my favorite people will be here for Memorial Day!  I can't wait to see them!  It's been WAY too long!

We're getting ready..

Daddy has been busy putting all our new "toys" together!
Our new swing from my Aunt Susan
The bouncy seat from my Aunt Alicia

The car seat that is waiting to be installed.. =)

The highchair from Pops and Janelle

The sweet bassinet that we are borrowing from Katie and Jason. Thank you!

Okay.. mommy friends..what are we missing?  I  need to know the must haves for the newborns in the next few weeks!  =)  It's getting close!

Life has been crazy lately with only one more week of school. I feel like I can't keep up with end of the year things to do, getting my room sorta packed up, baby stuff, washing clothes, thank you notes, end of the year parties and gifts, graduation gifts, b'day gifts, etc.. It's been busy and then I get the stomach bug Friday at school and pretty much can't do anything yesterday.  Today, I am feeling a little better and hope to get some things done around here. It's hard to believe I only have a few more days of school and then its summer fun and baby fun!  We are on the countdown to meeting you Miss Burkleigh Ann Haley!  We can't wait for you to make your grand entrance into this world.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Burkleigh's Nursery...

I love how the nursery turned out! It is just what I wanted.. still got a few things to add to the walls ( a few picture frames) and then we'll be ready!   Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet you!

I think this is my favorite thing in her room.. so cute!

Her cute wreath on her closet door.. thanks Crystal!

The Ella Chandelier from Pottery barn

Her door decoration..thanks Erin!

I think all we need is a baby girl! 5 weeks and counting.. =)
We love you so!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

34 weeks..

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: 34 weeks..only 6 more to go.

Size of baby: Baby H is 5lbs and is 19 inches long

Total weight gain/loss: I am up 16 pounds but I'm sure its more now.  I go back to the dr. on Friday and then I'll be going every week! 

Maternity clothes: I am really enjoying wearing dresses and skirts. Those seem to be the most comfortable right now and capri's. 

Gender: You are a GIRL!! BURKLEIGH ANN

Movement: She is constantly moving... all throughout the day and at night. I love every minute of it! It's neat to see my belly move when she does move. You can defnitly see it through my clothes.. amazing!!
Sleep: Not too bad...
Cravings: Nothing too crazy...back to icee's, and ice cream.  Not as hungry as I used to be.
What I miss: Maybe bending over..

Symptoms: This past week my arm has been tingling some.  It does it some during the day and at night.  I guess I am getting carpal tunnel?  It's not too uncomfortable so I'm hoping it won't get worse.  My feet are starting to swell too and they hurt all the time!!  Some heartburn, back paian, and leg cramps too.
Best moment this week: We are done with the nursery and I LOVE it!  It is just perfect for her.  Last week,we had a wonderful baby shower and got some great things.  We got our car seat this week and I'm ready to have it installed!  Jamie's been putting together high chairs, swings, bouncers.  I'm enjoying going through all the stuff but I still have a lot to organize, and put away.  I can't believe its getting so close!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Burkleigh's Baby Shower..

Has come and gone and I can't believe it! That only means time is ticking away and she will be here soon.  I can't tell you how excited that makes me feel.  I have waited my whole life for this moment and I am so ready to meet her, hold her, and welcome her into this world.  But, I am also trying to take it one day at a time and really enjoy these last few weeks. I have seriously LOVED being pregnant and I just can't believe it is almost over with! 
Sunday was such a special day for our family.  My closest friends and some of my moms sweet friends hosted a shower for us and it was truly awesome.  Down to every little detail.  The bow on the mailbox, the front door deocoration, the diaper cake, the flowers in the antique baby carriages, the framed invitation, the yummy snacks, and even the antique bassinet. They did such a great job and I am so blessed to have these sweet people in my life. 
The wonderful hostesses

Both my grandmothers were able to come up and even a few of my aunts.  It  was fun seeing some friends that I don't get to see very much and we were spoiled with so many wonderful presents.  Wow!  It was overwhelming!  I think Burkleigh is just about set now.  We just need the car seat and that's about it.  The hostesses also did a surprise for me and had all the guests bring a book instead of a card to help fill her library.  I LOVED that idea and her bookcase is overflowing with books now. What a great idea! It was a fun day and we are truly blessed with wonderful friends in our lives.  Thank you all so much for celebrating with us.  There is no doubt Burkleigh Ann is loved by many! 
Me and my momma

My sweet grandmothers

My sweet friend, Christy and little Colt (7 weeks)

My precious BFF from high school, Kristi who is due in August.

Sweet friends.. Leah and Sherry

One of my besties, Colleen

My other bestie, Shelly

How cute is this? It says 'Burkleigh's Lotion'
It has to be one of my favorite gifts!
I love some monogrammed stuff  =) 

Precious outfits

Cute towel wraps

Burkleigh's coming home gown made especially by Mimi!

This is a precious night light with Burkleigh's initials.  Love it!

Love this cute toy bag!

We definitly racked up.  My dining room looks like Buy Buy Baby!  We also got the pack n play, the bumbo seat, the swing, the bouncer, a high chair, a boppy, a bathtub, lots of diapers, wipes, and bottles.  I think all we need is our sweet baby girl!  Bring on June!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A busy week and one I will never forget..

The beginning of the week started off great!  My sweet teacher friends at school hosted a baby shower for Burkleigh and it was so much fun! She got some great things, the Nap Nanny (I can't wait to use this) the bumbo seat, some outfits, diapers and wipes, bath stuff, and mostly gift cards which are always nice!  Thank you so much to all my sweet friends who came and who helped.  It was a very special day and still hard to believe I will have a sweet baby girl in just a few short weeks.  My sweet momma was able to come and made Burkleigh the sweetest outfits.  I am just so blessed to have a moma that knows how to sew.  She makes the cutest things and I can't wait to see her in them.  She also brought my old "pilley" that I carried when I was a little girl.  She wrapped up pilley and blankie and wrote on the card "I told you one day I would give this back to you and I try to always keep my promises."  Of couse, I got emotional. I haven't seen pilley in years and to think I carried her everywhere I went. Mygrandmother finally bribed me for money to give pilley up and mom has been keeping her ever since.  It brought back a lot of memories and I wonder what Burkleigh's little comfort toy will be.  It was a great day celebrating with family and sweet friends!
Sweet kindergarten teachers
The yummy food
The sign in table..isn't the lamb precious?

love these!
My sweet friend Mel made the little lamb.  She is absolutely the cutest thing.  The pink sign on the front says It's a Girl on one side and then you turn it over and it says Burkleigh Ann and we can add her birthdate and how much she weighs.  I just love it!  Mel always has the best ideas and I'm so thankful for her friendship!

The yummy cake..
My sweet momma

Jan and Allison.. and we didn't know we were twins!  =)

Precious little outfit

By Wednesday, the weather was not looking too great in our state and we were under a high risk for multiple tornados.  School was dismissed at noon and I don't think anyone was prepared for what was about to happen.  That night numerous tornados touch down around our state in Tuscaloosa, Cullman, Pratt City, Pleasant Grove, and Huntsville. It was something I have never experienced before...watching it on tv was like watching a horror movie.  The loss of lives is up to 250 in our state and continues to rise.  The devastion is just unreal.  My heart breaks for all these families who have lost everything including loved ones!!  It is just hard to even watch the news.. so devasting.  I just pray for all those involved and so thankful that my family was okay.  Please continue to pray for our state.
 Thursday, I had the day off to go to the doctor.  All was well and I am measuring right on target. Her heartbeat was between 155 and 160 and I go back in 2 more weeks.  After that, it's down to every week.  So, you know you are close. =)

Friday was another big day in the news.  The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate.  I must say I love a good weeding and especially a royal wedding.  The coverage started live at 3 am and although I didn't get up that early, I did get up at 5 to see most of the wedding and of couse, I DVR'd it.  I was a big Princess Diana fan and just loved her.  After going to London several times and seeing all the landmarks, it really is amazing to me how these people live.  Kate looked beautiful as always and the wedding was gorgeous. 

On Saturday, our day was consumed with car shopping.. again!  I feel like that's all we have done over the past few weekends and I am so thankful it is over!! We finally found one that I love and hope it will last for the next few years.  The best news is that I got a bigger car for less money!  =)  Yeah for us!  I feel like a Burkhardt now.. shopping around for the best deal!  I think we made my daddy proud. 

My new ride! 

Today is another baby shower for Burkleigh hosted by close friends! I am looking forward to another fun day of celebrating sweet baby girl!  I can't believe we are getting close. My sweet grandmothers are here  from Selma and several family members from out of town.  It just means so much to me that they got to come.   More pictures to come soon and the nursery too!  We are finally done!! Woo hoo! I just love it!!  I will update that later too! Hope you all have a great and blessed Sunday!