Thursday, June 20, 2013

Burkleigh's 2nd Birthday party..

You are TWO!!  
We surprised you with balloons when you woke up on your birthday.  You loved them!
Birthday morning
Your party was at Gymboree this year because you love that place!
The theme was their clown Gymbo and primary colored polka dots.
Publix made the cute cake and came to my rescue at the last minute for cheap.  
It was so yummy and cute!

We had a great time at your party.  You loved playing with your sweet little friends and we missed the ones that couldn't come. It was a fun day with family and friends.

Being silly with Mimi

So glad Nanny was able to come to your party.
Our little family of four
And this my friends.. is real life these days! lol!!
Sweet Finn.. love him!
Having fun!

Sweet Carson.. cutie pie!
B loves the slide
Cousin Reagan
All the kiddos having fun

She looks just like her daddy!
An attempt at all the kiddos.
B and her teacher, Miss Taylor
Aunt Jodi and Mags
Carson was so cute eating his cake and ice cream.

Singing happy birthday.  I wasn't sure if she was going to cry or what but she loved it.  We had been practicing at home singing and blowing out her candle and she was so funny.. she got so close she almost burned her face. 
Birthday girl
Pop and Janelle gave her this little coupe car and when she saw it she wouldn't get out of it.
She LOVED it.  I think it was her favorite!  
Sweet cousins.
Nana and B
Opening presents..
Even sissy liked the car

Thanks friends for celebrating with us.. we can't believe our little girl is two!
We had a very special day!
We love you Burkleigh Ann...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Maggie Charles is 4 months old..

This little one is growing fast!  I wish time would stand still for a while.  
Second babies are so different.. with the first one everything is still so new and you feel like you don't know what you are doing and each stage is so fun but with the second one I know time goes too fast and I just want to soak up every moment of all these baby days.  I know this one will be our last too..
You are such a precious love and a momma's girl at heart!
Weight:  15 lb 6 oz. 25' long
You are in the 75% for height and 90% for weight.
Clothes: 3-6 mo but some 6 mo.
Diaper: size 2
You love to be held and cuddled! You have been drooling like crazy lately so I guess you have started teething.  
You are putting everything in your mouth and you love to chew on my fingers.
You used to be a good napper but now you cat nap usually a morning nap, afternoon and a small one at dinner.
You still sleep through the night so I'm not complaining about the daytime!
YOu have started sitting in your bumbo seat and you love to sit up and look around.
You do not like to lie down. You still sleep in your rock n play at night and mostly during the day.. you love that!  Maybe soon you will try your bed.
YOu love to look at yourself in the mirror and you just laugh and talk.
Your tickle spots are under your neck and arm and you will belly laugh when I tickle you. 
I LOVE it.
You tried out your little jumperoo a time or two and you liked it. You just looked around at all the toys.
You still love your mobile in your bed and you love your changing table. 
You will just talk and coo and look at your picture on the wall and smile. You are always happy on your changing table.
YOu are drinking 4-6 oz of milk every 3-4 hours.  Usually a big bottle in the am and smaller ones during the day.  You are still on your reflux meds and you are doing much better.
You rolled over from your front to back just this am.  You haven't rolled from tummy to back yet because you are not a big tummy girl and I forget to put you on your belly. 
You love mamma to hold you!
You are strong though and can hold your whole head up and look around. You're already trying to sit up and B was sitting up by herself at 5mos so you will prob do the same.
You like to look around at things.. you are very curious!
YOu are grabbing your toes too.  I need to get a pic of that.

I love that we can pass B's clothes down to mags and I love to compare pics.  I couldn't find the headband at the time of this pic but here's the comparison.  B was only about 2.5months old at the time.
Sweet sisters

And one more comparison..
Maggie at 4 mo and B at 3 mo.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day to this sweet daddy.  Your girls love you and think the world of you and we couldn't ask for a better daddy.  Thank you for always playing with the girls, reading books, helping with dinner, bathtime, bedtime, and for taking good care of us all the time.  You are my rock when I'm at the end of my rope and you always jump in to rescue me without complaining.  These two girls are lucky to have you and we all love you very much.  
Fathers day 2012
What a difference a year makes.. we added another little blessing to the family!

Also.. happy Father's Day to my sweet dad.  You are the best dad a girl could ask for and me and the girls are extremely thankful for you and all you do for our family.  You are the glue that keeps us together and I think the world of you!  THank you for always being such a great daddy and Pop. 
We love you so much!
Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there. 
Hope your day was special.  We appreciate all of you!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Instagram pictures..

I don't know about you, but I LOVE instagram.  I love to take pictures and see my friends pictures too so instagram is just the best for that.  My newsfeed on FB is getting so consumed with all these sites selling things that everytime I log in, I am way to tempted to buy.  That's why I love instagram.. just pictures and no status.  It's also a great way to keep track of your pictures and I love looking back on them too.  If your not on there, you need to be and follow me @katyhaley

Our week in pictures:
Monday we went to my mom's house to swim.  B is not a big fan of the water just yet.  =( I'm hoping she will warm up to it.  She didn't want to wear her lifejacket or swimsuit so she didn't...
She played on the steps for a little bit so that was good progress I guess.  At least she got in.  And notice Mimi is in her clothes with B's bow.. lol!  Mimi is the best!

Tuesday, we were supposed to go to the zoo with some friends but they ended up canceling so we stayed home and ran a few errands.  This was B's first little ponytail!  So cute!

Wednesday is our gymboree day.  My mom usually mets us and comes too so she can help out with Maggie.  B loves for her Mimi to come play with her.  When she gets up in the morning and I tell her its a gymboree day she immediately starts saying, "Mimi". She knows she gets to see her Mimi.

Mimi took us to lunch afterwards.. I just love this picture.
B is smitten with her Mimi.  Then, we went to hobby lobby and B had a good ole time playing.
We ended up buying the little buckets and she has loved playing with them at the pool.
Sweet Mags is just the sweetest baby.  She doesn't miss out on too much these days.
She takes it all in!  Love her!

Daddy was off on Friday so we went back to gymboree and played and then went to lunch together.

B tried onion rings for the first time and asked for more.  
She thinks she's the baby.  When I get anything out for sissy to sit in, she of course has to try it out first.
Saturday, we went back to moms to swim and Maggie sat in the bumbo for the first time.  She did so good too.  She loved it and B was so proud that she learned how to blow bubbles all by herself (and they actually came out)  
I have gotten quite addicted to Candy Crush and its driving me crazy. I can't quit playing and I keep begging for more lives.. lol!  If you haven't played it yet just know it is very addicting!
Today we had a stay at home day.  None of us are feeling that great around here and we've got to get well for birthday week fun!  B is sneezing and has a runny nose and Jamie and I both have horrible sore throats.  I hope we're not coming down with something.  Who gets sick in June?  crazy..
Sweet sisters in their seats!  We had to convince B to sit in her big girl chair.  She liked the bumbo and she still fits in there too.  Silly girl!