Monday, September 23, 2013

School and Catch up...

Life these days is busy, crazy, fun and sometimes hectic..but I wouldn't have it any other way.   I've neglected the blog lately, but I hope to catch up soon.  I still have to do Maggie's 7 month post before she turns 8 months.  wow!!  Can we just freeze time for a bit?  We are getting into the routine of Burkleigh going to MDO two days a week and she is finally starting to come around.  The first few weeks she cried some but by last week, she was reaching for her teacher to hold her when we walked inside.  I knew she would like it.. it just took time.  She has gotten all good notes and I look forward to reading those each day.  She loves her teachers and when I ask her about her day she always says, "Yep"   Silly girl!  "Did you have a good day?  Did you play outside?  Did you sing?  Did you color?  Were you a sweet girl?  She can be a handful these days but SO sweet and funny too.  I do love this age and I want to remember it all!
This was day 2 of school.. she still cried when I left but not as bad.
She loves Pete the Cat so we bought one for her teachers.  Loves this one! Can't wait for the other new ones to come out.
After school treat... yummy milkshake!
(and now she thinks she needs one EVERY time I pick her up from school.) She doesn't forget a thing.
Her note from day 2!  Yay!
I hosted a Matilda Jane party at my house a few Sundays ago. Love looking at all their cute stuff.  It is so different and soft.  Wears well, washes well and most importantly is comfy. The girls modeling a little MJ from the spring.  Can't wait to get our new fall things!
Burkleigh feeding Maggie her popsicle.  She loves a popsicle!

This was the 3rd day of school and I got this sweet text from her teacher.  She was having fun doing her school work.  =)

The fourth day was red, white and blue day and thats when I think she started coming out of her little shell.  Her teacher texted me these four pics of her.  Look at that cheesy smile and the bottom left one she is dancing.  
I think school is off to a great start for Burkleigh!

Last weekend we celebrated our cousin Reagan's 2nd birthday!
B loves baby Kendal!
Happy Birthday Reagan!
Nana and the girls with the daddies trailing in the backgound.  
We love Aunt Jodi
Reagan got a car like Burkleigh's.  I'm sure she will love it!

The girls have been enjoying some outside time too! Sweet Mags is loving sitting in the car and driving.  She can honk the horn and loves to be outside!
We love our pink cars!  

I love this pic of the girls playing together.  Melts my mommy heart!
Still can't believe they are both mine....blessed!

I finally got a night out with my besties for a late b'day dinner! It was so fun and I'm so thankful for another year to spend with them.  They are the best friends a girl could have!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet the teacher and First day of MDO

Last Thursday we went to meet the teacher day at burkleighs new school. I was very nervous about it since I have not left her with anyone other than family. She is a very shy little girl and is very cautious with new situations so I knew it was probably going to be a little rough for her, but I felt like she needed to go. She did pretty well that day. She still cried some but not too bad since I was right there with her. We've also been talking to her a lot about school and her teachers and we have even gone up there some to play on the playground and she has loved that! I finally got a small little smile out of her after we met her teachers and went to the playground. Sweet girl!! I couldn't get one of her and her teachers though.
Then we went to publix and got a yummy cupcake for a surprise.
  Here she is today all ready for her first day of school!  Makes my mommy heart sad...I can't believe she is growing up so fast! I'm not ready for her to start school but I know she will grow to enjoy it and learn a lot and make new friends. It will be good for her. I just like having her with me all day. :)
She was so big girl this morning when we were taking pictures. I was so glad she was cooperating and seemed happy about going. Even lovey went to school with her and I think she held on to him all morning! She cried a little when I left her and I cried too but not until I got in the car and then I left when I knew she would be ok. Her teachers are really sweet and I know she will learn to love it. Her note today said she had a great first day and she loved the playground and music. :) which of course  those are her favorites!!  
Here's to a great year in 2K with mrs Kim and mrs Tiffany. We are very proud of you and look forward to seeing your growth this year. I can't believe how big girl you are!! We love you very much! Sniff...sniff...