Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve

The girls and I were solo most of Christmas Eve.  My parents went to Ohio and were headed back that day and the hubby always has to work late so I decided to start a new tradition and let the girls open one present that afternoon.  We were a little anxious...
"What is it, momma"
Burkleigh helping sissy out with her new toy.
SHe LOVED the train set.  She has gotten all into thomas the train and the only thing she told santa she wanted for christmas was a choo choo.  She loves it!  I never thought I would have a little girl that would love trains and baby dolls.. I guess she's well rounded.  =)
She knows all the trains names and can tell them apart even when I can't.  She wants to read thomas books, watch thomas on tv, and play choo choo's all the time. She even got a little choo choo set for the bath tub and I love to hear her in their talking to them.  It is too cute.  She is talking up a storm now and Iove to hear that sweet little voice of hers.
After dinner, we got our christmas pi's on and tried to take a few pics.
Sweet sisters
Maggie Charles, 10.5 months, Burkleigh 2.5years
Then, we had a birthday party for Jesus.  We sang happy birthday, and lit the candle to blow out since I couldn't find any little candles for the cake.
Our cute and yummy cake

We left out our cookies for Santa and sprinkled our reindeer food on the yard before going to bed.  
B was so excited about Santa coming!  She loved her little elf too and she did not like it one bit when I told her that Polka dot (dottie) was going to have to go back to live with Santa.   We didn't get all into the elf thing this year but she enjoyed playing with it and occasionally it would do fun things.  
It was a fun christmas eve with my girls.  Couldn't imagine life any other way! So blessed and thankful for these amazing blessings.  

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