Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maggie Charles is 10 months old..

Maggie Charles you turned 10 months on Dec. 10, 2013.
You are a precious bundle of joy. I know I say that every month but you really are.
YOu are so much different from your sister and you are such an easy baby!
You are a chunky monkey and I LOVE it! Complete opposite of your sis.
So far, ya'll are nothing alike personality wise and weight and height.
B was such a tiny little thing.. you are my good little eater.  
As long as you have something to eat or snack on, you are good. =)
YOu weigh around 20-21 lbs. 
You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes.
You wear a size 4 diaper.
You LOVE any food… you are over baby food so you eat anything we give you.
YOu love bananas, strawberries, cheese, spagetti o's, yogurt, cereal bars, just anything..
YOu are standing behind everything and pushing it all over the place.
You love sissy's little coupe car.  YOu will push it all over the house.
You love to push the bar stools around the kitchen too. 
YOu are still drinking the expensive formula.
You take about 4 bottles a day usually around 6 oz sometimes less.
You have two bottom teeth.
You love to play with anything that sissy is playing with..
Big sissy is learning to share.. 
YOu are all about feeding yourself.. you tried to feed yourself yogurt for the first time. 
YOu were a mess!
You love your big sissy.
She can make you laugh like no one else.
You get so excited to see her in the mornings and after naps. It is so sweet.
I finally had your picture made and I am obsessed with how cute you look.
Your little smile makes me so happy.  
I know you are mine.. but you are the cutest and sweetest baby ever!!
You take two good naps a day.
You don't like me to rock you to sleep.  I just put you in your bed and you go right on to sleep.  
I know its a good thing but it does make me a little sad...
YOu are always smiling.
You love to pull the outlet covers out of the wall.
You love to put cords in your mouth.. we have to watch you good!
You will put anything in your it was play dough..
Those second babies experience all the fun!  lol
You tasted sissy's capri sun for the first time and you loved it!
You copy big sissy all the time.  You want to do everything she does.
We are so thankful for you sweet baby.
We love you BIG!
I can't believe you are almost ONE.  

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