Thursday, December 26, 2013

December Happenings..

Where did December go?  It's crazy how time can get away from you and I have a feeling it's only going to get worse on this little blog since Mama has to go back to work in a week.  I'm not sure how that happened but my time at home is slowing coming to an end.. sniff, sniff..

So.. what happened to us in the month of December.  Well.. we were dealing with sickness and nasty noses and coughs and nasty germs passed back and forth.. yuck!   We're still dealing with it so hopefully soon these nasty noses will be back to normal.   Here's a little photo dump of our December in pics..
We wore our christmas clothes all month long.. mama is sad to put them up until next year.. =(
One of my favorite parts of December.. love all the clothes!
I know.. crazy mama!
I can't remember if I blogged about it or not but B has gotten a new big girl bed and she is loving it!  I love her cute bedding too that I got from a sweet friend's little girl.  It matches her room perfectly and I'm thankful she sleeps in it and not mama's bed.  ;) However, I usually end up in there in the middle of the night.  She likes a bed buddy.
Mags is into everything and she loves to push the bar stools in the kitchen all over the place.  She is too funny… her 10 month post will be up soon.
Sweet girls before the Helena Christmas parade.  It was FREEZING that day so we went to a new spot and watched it so it over faster.  THe girls loved seeing santa.
Mags and I made our 10 sec tv debut on the news yelling War Eagle.  She was too cute!
Go Tigers!
THe girls visited santa at the mall and B loved it. How sweet is this picture?
She is holding his little fingers and just talking to him.  She told him she wanted a choo choo.
Mags wasn't so sure of him.  She cried this time but I still love that she turned around to look at him.  When Burkleigh had her first pic made she did the same thing but she didn't cry.
Sweet girl had to visit the dr this month.. boo
SHe was all into the presents under the tree.. she was a good shopping buddy for me this month.  We did a lot of shopping together.  
Mimi came to play with us some..
We wore all 100 of our christmas pjs.. not really but I"m a total sucker for  christmas pajamas.  
I think they had about 6 pair this year.  I just love them all!
Fun lunch dates and play outings with momma.. love them!
B had a great time at the painting place.  We made ornaments and a reindeer plate with B's handprints. They turned out so cute!
B got her a new pair of pink cowgirl boots and she is quite obsessed with them.  THey have quickly become her new favorite shoes and she wants to wear them everywhere.  She told me, "my boots, fast mama."  SO cute!  She loves "my boots" 
Sweet sisters.. love them!  
It's been a fun filled december and I can't believe its almost over. 
Be back soon with our christmas recap!

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