Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas with the Haley's

We always do christmas with Jamie's dad and brother and sister the a week or so before christmas.  This year, we hosted at our house.  Both my girls had been sick and B was not really feeling well at all that day.. poor baby.  Her little nose was so raw from wiping it that she got a little red spot right above her lip.  The colder months always seem to bring the sickies and I am not a fan of the cold either.  I'm already wishing for summer!  But, we had a great time together even though Jay and Melissa had to miss out since their girls were sick.  
Burkleigh loves her cousin Beau.  She loves that he plays with her and she just thinks he is the greatest.  It is so sweet!
We never seem to remember to get a family pic these days.. so here is daddy with the girls.
Burkleigh's favorite present that night was a pack of watercolors.  She loved it and wanted to paint right away.  Daddy had to get the water and paper out before we were done opening gifts.  She didn't even care about opening anymore presents. She is such a little artist and she still loves it.
She asks to paint almost every day!
Sweet mags got this cute little car from Pops and Janelle.  She loves it!
Even B loves it!
B got some new baby doll accessories.. not the baby.  Although she does need a new one.. =)
She got a stroller, doll bed, high chair and she loves them all!
This sweet girl had a ball at her first christmas celebration!

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