Sunday, December 8, 2013

Maggie Charles is 9 months old..

I'm trying to get this up before MC turns 10 months on Tuesday.  I'm so behind..

On November 10, this little one was 9 months old..
I just can't handle how big girl you are!!
You had your 9 month checkup and you weigh 20 lbs. 3 oz. and you are in the 75th percentile.
Burkleigh weighed 17.5 at 9 months.
You are in the 75th percentile for height too.  
Here's B at 9 months..
Here's Maggie..
I see some resemblence but mostly I see myself in Maggie and Jamie in Burkleigh.  
What are you up to?
You still wear a size 4 diaper but your probably ready to move up to a 5.
You are wearing mostly 12 months clothes but some 9 months.
You are drinking about 4 bottles a day..usually around 6-7 oz each.
You are a good napper.. You take a am nap and afternoon nap from 1-2 hours.
YOu sleep through the night and usually don't wake up until around 8am.  You go to bed around 8ish too.
YOu are pulling up on everything!!
You are crawling everywhere and into everything!
You will be walking next month I'm sure.. sad!
You had a yucky upper respiratory infection before Thanksgiving and you got antibotics and it cleared it up.
You discovered the steps at Mimis house and you were all about them.
You've been sitting at the big girl table with B to eat your breakfast and some snacks.
I swear you are too big girl!!  Makes me sad..
You love to eat and you will eat anything!!
You love your water and your sippy cup too.  
YOu love to be outside too!
You have your two bottom teeth.  THankfully, teething hasn't been that bad for you.
YOu are such a happy baby.
You can say mama, dada and you are starting to wave.. You wave at night when I am giving you your bedtime bottle.  It is too cute!
You are a mama's girl!!
You have started crying some when new people hold you or talk to you.. 
THis picture just cracks me up.. just using her mouth to get her food.. 
You are the best baby and I don't want you to grow up!
Thankful for you everyday sweet girl!
We all love you very much.. your big sister does too!

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